New Abra referral program

Introducing the Abra referral program.

Are you an Abra user and like helping other people get started in crypto? If so, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We are excited to announce a new referral program that enables existing Abra users to earn $10 worth of bitcoin when the new users they invite to the platform successfully create and fund an Abra account.

How the Abra referral program works, at least at first

After signing up for Abra’s referral program, existing Abra user will get a link that they can share with friends, family, and followers.

This link can be shared privately or on social media and contains information that will allow Abra to match up referrers with the new users that they helped get onboard.

For now, new users signing up for Abra through a referral link will have to have a US-based bank account or an American Express card in order for the referrer to be eligible for the bitcoin bonus.  

As the referral program takes off, we hope to be able to offer this to more of our international users.

Also, the new user does not need to deposit $100 or more all at once. They can make incremental deposits, and once they surpass $100 then the new user and the existing user will both get their $10 worth of bitcoin.

Referral bonuses will be paid out about once a week.

Key takeaways about Abra’s referral program

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new Abra referral program. It should be a great way to invite more friends and family into the Abra community and profit in the process.

Just remember a couple of key criteria:

  • For now, to be eligible for the referral program, new participants downloading and funding the Abra app need to have a US-based bank account or with an American Express account.
  • If you refer a new Abra user, then they have to deposit $100 or more (the initial $100 doesn’t need to be deposited all at once) before you both become eligible for the bitcoin payout.

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out this FAQ about the new Abra referral program, or email

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