Abra is a bitcoin-based digital wallet app that lives on your smartphone. With Abra you can quickly and easily buy, sell, send, and store bitcoin.

buy bitcoin

Use your bank account, Amex Cards, or cash to fund your Abra wallet and convert it into bitcoin. Enjoy fast funding, even for bank-based purchases - as quick as 1 day!

store bitcoin

Abra automatically creates a mobile bitcoin wallet for you. It’s a non-custodial wallet, and only you have the key, so you’re in control of your funds at all times.

send bitcoin

You can also use your Abra wallet to send bitcoin, receive bitcoin, or even pay merchants who accept bitcoin - anywhere in the world!

Abra is an all-in-one bitcoin solution. Get started quickly; transact securely.

Note: Not all services are available in all countries. Please see Where is Abra available? to find out which services are available to you.

Send money anywhere

Because we’re based on bitcoin, Abra transactions are fast and secure. Transfer money seamlessly between bitcoin and fiat currencies.

mobile to mobile

Once you fund your Abra digital wallet you can transfer funds from mobile to mobile almost instantly – with no sending fees.

in any currency

Choose bitcoin or any one of the 50+ currencies supported. The receiver chooses how to receive the money – in bitcoin or their local currency.

anywhere in the world

Bitcoin is borderless! Send money to any other Abra user, or any bitcoin wallet worldwide.

We’re here for you

From our online resources to our responsive customer support team, we’re committed to providing you the resources you need when it comes to digital currency.