Mercuryo joins Abra’s Marketplace

Buy crypto with a credit card

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Mercuryo. Mercuryo brings another very competitive offering to our marketplace to facilitate buying crypto with a credit card as well as other onramp methods. Known for their high acceptance rate and expedient KYC process, Mercuryo is helping build foundational infrastructure for crypto payments.

What makes Mercuryo special?

Mercuryo is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency infrastructure company providing global access to fast and cheap money transfers with a bank-level oversight. Working together with industry leaders, Mercuryo leverages a range of payment solutions to accelerate growth and boost the revenue of businesses worldwide. On-and-off-ramps enabled by Mercuryo allow online merchants to offer highly customizable and seamless user journeys. Featured solutions open doors to a variety of localized payment methods and competitive exchange rates, providing the capability for a technology-first approach to KYC/AML and smooth API & SDK integrations. Often times Mercuryo has one of the more competitive exchange rates. 

How to use Mercuryo to buy crypto with a credit card

Mercuryo is integrated into Abra’s marketplace or you can link to it directly to their exchange . It will show up as a search result if it is available in your region.

What to expect in the experience

You will need to to a multi-factor authentication with your email address and SMS. You will also have to complete KYC. During our initial setup, we had initially dealt with the transaction being declined from our card issuing bank. We were able to resolve by approving the transaction directly with our bank. In our subsequent attempts to purchase using Google Pay, we had no issues.

How long did the process take?

If it is your first time using Mercuryo, you will need to complete KYC. Assuming that you have an Abra wallet and deposit address, the process should not take longer than five minutes. Mercuryo offers live chat support on their site should you run into any issues during your transaction.

What’s next?

Mercuryo is one of the first vendors on our marketplace that supports off-ramping. This means we can take crypto, convert it back to fiat, and apply a credit back to a credit card. We are developing supporting interface to host this functionality soon.