Meet the new Abra

Meet the new Abra

I am really excited to announce the next milestones on our roadmap of creating a globally accessible and easy-to-use crypto investing app. 

Starting today Abra users in the United States will be able to deposit and withdraw 60 new cryptocurrencies, bringing the total to nearly 100.

And soon, Abra users outside of the US will be able to invest in more than 200 additional cryptocurrencies.  (For more details, check out our new user guide).

We are also releasing new deposit and withdrawal capabilities for a number of stablecoins. TrueUSD and Paxos are live in the app now, with Tether and DAI coming in December.

In terms of funding options, we have doubled US bank limits to $4K/day, $8K/week, or $16K/ month.

Over the last five years, through all of the market ups and downs, and against the backdrop of a constantly changing cryptocurrency landscape, one thing has been constant. Abra users — from the early days, all the way up until now — have been asking for more access to more cryptocurrencies. 

So delivering on the power of choice and the ability to create a custom crypto portfolio has been a primary focus of ours over the past several years. And that’s why I’m really happy to announce our next steps.

After traveling the world and talking to hundreds of Abra users, we have found that the freedom of choice when it comes to crypto investing is of paramount importance to people. 

And that’s really what crypto is supposed to represent. For me, and for my colleagues at Abra, investing in and using crypto isn’t about get-rich-quick schemes. It’s about creating alternatives and choices — and ultimately freedom.

So that’s what we want to offer our users — freedom to choose.

The crypto ecosystem, or what some call the crypto economy is very much alive and dynamic and full of energy. New protocols for money, apps for decentralization, and pathways to digital ownership (among other use cases) are all getting figured out — in realtime, right now.

As I’ve said many times, the most important feature of altcoins is competing technologies and the best way to improve bitcoin is to let someone else do it first.

This means, as a believer in crypto, and a champion of freedom and choice, now is a great time to have access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies. 

At Abra, we don’t want to tell anyone how they should invest in crypto. We just want to create great tools to help them do what they want to do.

This is just the beginning. We have no plans on resting until it is possible for everyone in the world to invest in and use crypto in a way that is easy, accessible, and flexible.

We continue to look forward to being on this journey with you.

With peace and love…