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Abra Now Supports Faster Wire Transfers for U.S. Customers

Note: As of May 31, 2022, Abra Perx has been paused. Abra Perx rewards mentioned in the article below are no longer active. New ways of using CPRX are planned for the future. We will publish updated details at a later date.

Funding your Abra account just got a little easier! Today, we’re rolling out a new and improved process for completing wire transfers from your bank to the Abra app so you can quickly, safely, and securely begin buying your favorite crypto.

Now, when customers initiate a bank wire transfer in the app, they’ll be able to see the funds in their Abra account in 48 hours or less.

A Better Wire Transfer Experience

The update to our wire transfer process was created to help improve the customer experience and reduce wait times and errors during the bank wire transfer process.

Previously, customers who wanted to use the bank wire transfer option were issued a “Q Code” or “Final credit to the account” code. Users were prompted to use this code in the wire transfer process and once users initiated the process, it took 48 hours or more to complete.

The new wire transfer process will remove the “Q Code” or “Final Credit to the account” code. Instead, users will see clearer bank wire transfer instructions and a unique account number that will help make the transfer process much faster and less error-prone.

Your unique account number can only be used for wire transfers from a bank to your Abra account. This unique account number can’t be used for direct deposits or PayPal.

This change in the bank wire transfer process and the addition of the unique bank account number is only for domestic (US) customers. 

Try Abra’s New Wire Transfer Experience

With a faster wire transfer, you don’t have to wait long to begin buying your favorite cryptocurrencies!

Update the Abra app to the latest version (Android, iOS). Follow the in-app instructions to start a wire transfer and see how the new and improved experience works. While you’re in the app, don’t forget to check out Abra Perx and start earning CPRX tokens.

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