By partnering with Abra, you can now join the world’s first fully interoperable mobile wallet solution. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Abra offers a variety of partnerships to help you grow your business globally.

Types of Partnership

Cash-in/Cash-out Partner

Abra’s cash-in and cash-out partners may include over-the-counter payment processing networks, traditional remittance networks, and companies interested in building their own network of tellers. 

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Accept Abra as a Form of Payment

Abra works with online merchants and payment service providers to enable eCommerce sites to accept payments using Abra. By partnering with Abra, you can capture new customers and offer more value to existing ones.

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Digital Currency Exchange Partner

Abra partners with multiple digital currency exchange businesses across the world, as well as banks interested in providing business banking services to Abra’s network of digital currency exchanges.

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Abra Growth Partner

If you don’t fit one of the other categories but you are interested in partnering with Abra to solve payment problems or to bring financial innovation to your market, we would love to hear from you! 

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