Abra Payment acceptance partnership opportunities offer online merchants a direct way to accept payments from Abra users. With Abra, you can offer your current customers a multi-currency payment solution on your site and leverage our network of users to acquire new customers.


Online Merchants

Online merchants and payment ecosystem players to make it easy for merchants everywhere to use Abra as an online payment acceptance method.

Payment Facilitators

Payment facilitators, gateways and service providers that are interested in offering Abra to their existing merchant base, and/or acquiring new merchants interested in a low cost, chargeback-free, and multi-currency payment acceptance option

eCommerce Platforms

Technology solution companies offering products for building digital storefronts that are interested in including an alternative global payment solution in their offering


In order to qualify to accept Abra as a payment solution, you need to:

  • Have an operating eCommerce website
  • Have a payment service business providing merchant services to online merchants
  • Be capable of collecting payments in an Abra-supported currency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abra provides users with a mobile app that enables them to buy and sell digital currency through a digital wallet (i.e., the Abra wallet). When a user buys digital currency (with cash, a bank transfer or a card instrument), the value (or balance) is stored in their Abra wallet.

Once a user’s Abra wallet is funded, they can send peer-to-peer payments instantly to anyone in the world, or buy from an online merchant who accepts Abra as a form of payment. If an Abra user receives a payment, he/she can withdraw the balance in cash or to their bank account. Abra’s mobile app serves to connect Abra users with a network of physical locations where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their Abra wallet. At no time does Abra take custody or handle user funds.

Abra works as a merchant payment acceptance solution. With Abra, online merchants can integrate Abra into their website or mobile app, and start accepting multi-currency payments from Abra users anywhere in the world.

Abra offers all of the technical benefits of digital currency payments without the complexity for merchants. Merchants can set prices and receive payments in their standard fiat currency (USD, EUR, MXP, etc.) without needing to understand digital currency or ever having to be exposed to its volatility.

Abra is the only alternative payment method for cash-based payments that will cost you less than 2% MDR, with no risk or chargebacks, and does not require multiple integrations across multiple countries. Because Abra is a pre-funded digital wallet which consumers can fund with a bank account or cash, even consumers without credit cards can make payments that settle instantly.

Abra partners with payment service providers (PSPs, gateways, etc.) to enable them to resell Abra to their online merchants. Abra has attractive revenue share agreements with these different online merchant acceptance service providers.

The solution described above is designed to serve online merchants. Small brick and mortar merchants interested in offering Abra as a payment method may use the Abra app to accept payments via QR code, similar to how they would conduct a P2P transaction.”