Abra Payment acceptance partnership opportunities offer online merchants a direct way to accept payments from Abra users. With Abra, you can offer your current customers a multi-currency payment solution on your site and leverage our network of users to acquire new customers.


Online Merchants

Online merchants and payment ecosystem players to make it easy for merchants everywhere to use Abra as an online payment acceptance method.

Payment Facilitators

Payment facilitators, gateways and service providers that are interested in offering Abra to their existing merchant base, and/or acquiring new merchants interested in a low cost, chargeback-free, and multi-currency payment acceptance option

eCommerce Platforms

Technology solution companies offering products for building digital storefronts that are interested in including an alternative global payment solution in their offering


In order to qualify to accept Abra as a payment solution, you need to:

  • Have an operating eCommerce website
  • Have a payment service business providing merchant services to online merchants
  • Be capable of collecting payments in an Abra-supported currency

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