Money 3.0: Justin Sun from TRON

Justin Sun, TRON

This episode of Money 3.0 is all about TRON, a decentralized blockchain platform that allows developers to deploy their own decentralized applications. Joining us to discuss this project is the one and only Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of TRON. He and Abra’s CEO, Bill Barhydt, cover a lot of ground in this conversation, everything from how Justin got the idea for TRON, the number of developers working on the protocol, and some of the DFs running on it to why he’s such a huge

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Visualizing the new crypto economy

Visualizing the crypto economy

Following our big news that Abra users around the world will now have unprecedented access to invest in the cryptocurrency economy, we partnered with Visual Capitalist again to create an infographic and new taxonomy to help investors make sense of the emerging crypto use cases.  Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto so that people could use the internet to safely and privately exchange value with others without the need for a centralized third-party or intermediary. Today, ten years later, the economy inspired by Bitcoin

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Money 3.0: David Vorick from Sia talks about decentralized digital ownership

David Vorick Sia

In this episode of Money 3.0, Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt is in conversation with David Vorick, co-founder and CEO of Nebulos, the company that is building the Sia network for decentralized data storage. Listen to the full episode or find a transcript of the show below. Bill Barhydt: Hello, everyone. Welcome to another exciting episode of Abra’s Money 3.0. Bill Barhydt here, CEO and Founder of Abra. With me today, joining me for the Money 3.0 podcast is David Vorick. David is CEO

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Money 3.0: Ryan Taylor from Dash talks about cryptocurrency governance

Ryan Taylor, Dash

In this episode of Money 3.0, Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt talks to Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor all about Dash. Dash has some really interesting governance features in its master note system, and Dash developers are working to create a fast and low-cost currency that is useful on point of sale and instant settlement application. Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts, or find a complete transcript below. Bill Barhydt: Hey everyone, Bill Barhydt here. Welcome to another exciting episode

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Money 3.0: Tom Kysar from Augur talks about prediction markets

Tom Kysar Augur

In this episode of Abra Money 3.0, Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt is in conversation with Tom Kysar, the head of operations at Augur. Augur is a decentralized prediction market that’s built on Ethereum. Bill and Tom talk about some of the ways that people are using prediction markets, but the conversation also touches on the potential impacts of the technology that the team at Augur is building. Check out the episode wherever you get podcasts or find a full transcript of the conversation

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