The world’s computer: An illustrated guide to Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

In order to help celebrate our recent announcement about the addition of Ethereum native support to the Abra app (which means direct deposits and withdrawals of ether to and from an Abra wallet are now possible), we produced another in our ongoing series of graphic illustrator explainers. In “The world’s computer: Ethereum and the reinvented internet,” we take a look at what Ethereum is, why it was created, and what sorts of applications people are developing on the platform. Be sure to check out the

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Crypto Bites: A chat with Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

This Crypto Bites episode was recorded in late 2018 in New York City. The conversation between Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin covers a lot of ground including the origins of the idea for Ethereum, some of the problems the that Ethereum was designed to address, and what the future of the crypto space might look like, including layer two solutions and threats to distributed, permissionless blockchains. Abra recently announced full support of native Ethereum, which means that Abra users

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Buy Ethereum on Abra

Today we are adding another arrow to the Abra crypto quiver by expanding Ethereum (ETH) support. Now Abra users can hold, sell, and buy Ethereum directly from their wallet. In the past, Ethereum was available on Abra as a synthetic asset, which means that Abra users got exposure to the price movements of Ethereum’s currency, ether. This latest level of support also adds the ability for Abra users to directly deposit and withdraw ether to any other crypto wallet. By adding native Ethereum support, Abra

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Decentralized finance: An emerging alternative to the global financial system

decentralized finance

The current global financial system is characterized by hubs of power and control. Generally speaking, the closer you are to those hubs of power, the more access to the financial system you have. The structure of the system results in inequality. This post is about an ongoing series of data-driven infographics done in partnership with Visual Capitalist. Check out the first part of the series “The 7 major flaws of the global financial system.” But there are alternatives to the current system that could foster

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In crypto we trust

digital privacy

Digital privacy is important. It’s important because privacy is a primary building block of freedom — it’s hard to have any kind of meaningful social fabric without it. In some senses, it’s difficult to talk about privacy because it’s deeply personal and becomes an abstraction when considered on a large scale. In a way, privacy is like a resource that is taken for granted and often poorly managed until it’s gone. And only in its absence can we understand the real value of the ability

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