Leverage your existing network to provide Abra users with an easy way to cash in and cash out of their Abra wallets. You get a commission each time you facilitate the conversion of a user’s digital currency into fiat currency, and you support your community with additional options for financial services.


Payment Aggregator Networks

Partners that either directly buy and sell digital currency as a means of facilitating cash-in and cash-out, or connect to Abra’s Digital Exchange Partners to collect or disburse fiat payments between an Abra user and a Digital Currency Exchange

Load Networks

Airtime, bill payment, payment voucher and other digital goods over-the-counter payment networks that provide a means for Abra users to purchase digital currency

Money Service Businesses

Traditional money service businesses that already provide transaction services

Individuals Networks

Self-starter entrepreneurs and physical and digital good distribution networks who are interested in building a network of Abra Tellers


In order to qualify to become a cash-in/cash-out partner, you will need to:

  • Have direct access to a network of physical over-the-counter payment locations
  • Comply with any applicable laws in your operating jurisdiction regarding the buying and selling of digital currency
  • Have significant cash liquidity to fulfill Abra transactions
  • Believe in the power of digital currency!

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Cash-in Cash-out

Frequently Asked Questions

Abra provides users with a mobile app that enables them to buy and sell digital currency through a digital wallet (i.e., the Abra wallet). When a user buys digital currency (with cash, a bank transfer or a card instrument), the value (or balance) is stored in their Abra wallet.

Once a user’s Abra wallet is funded, they can send peer-to-peer payments instantly to anyone in the world, or buy from an online merchant who accepts Abra as a form of payment. If an Abra user receives a payment, he/she can withdraw the balance in cash or to their bank account. Abra’s mobile app serves to connect Abra users with a network of physical locations where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their Abra wallet. At no time does Abra take custody or handle user funds.

There are both strategic and financial benefits for Abra’s cash-in/cash-out partners (a.k.a. Master Tellers). Strategically, Abra partners will be able to differentiate themselves among local or regional competitors by offering a new, mobile-based, innovative service available to anyone with a smartphone. Financially, partners can generate incremental revenue for providing cash-in and cash-out services. Abra partners can also increase their return on equity on a per-transaction basis, and drive increased cross-sell opportunities (e.g., bill pay, mobile top-ups, etc.) for a newly-acquired set of customers.

To qualify as an Abra cash-in/cash-out, an entity should own, or have access to, an extensive network of physical locations that can provide cash-in and cash-out services to Abra users and be able and willing to buy/sell digital currency or connect to an Abra Digital Currency Exchange Partner. Where the buying and/or selling of digital currency is explicitly regulated, Abra may require institutional cash-in/cash-out partners to have proof of their freedom to operate.

Partners generate revenue by charging a fee to Abra users for cash-in and cash-out transactions at their physical points of sale. As a Master Teller you can set, and modify at your discretion, the fee you desire to charge Abra users for buying and/or selling digital currency from you.

Depending on the country and the cultural context how Abra users experience a cash-in/cash-out will vary. In some countries adding value to the Abra wallet may be referred to as depositing, load or cashing-in, whereas cash-out may be referred to as a withdraw, cash-out, etc. Nonetheless, what is in fact happening when a user is cashing-in is he/she is buying digital currency (converting fiat to digital currency) and when a user is cashing-out he/she is selling digital (converting digital currency to fiat). Abra is neither the buyer nor the seller of digital currency, as this role is being fulfilled by Abra Tellers or the Digital Currency Exchanges.

Abra partners that are directly buying and selling digital currency to Abra users should be prepared to hold digital currency inventory (what Abra refers to as digital cash), which can be denominated in the partner’s local or preferred transacting currency. If you are interested in providing over-the-counter cash collection services or disbursement services in partnership with Abra Digital Currency Exchange partners, you will not need to hold nor transact with digital currency.