Leverage your existing network to provide Abra users with an easy way to cash in and cash out of their Abra wallets. You get a commission each time you facilitate the conversion of a user’s digital currency into fiat currency, and you support your community with additional options for financial services.


Payment Aggregator Networks

Partners that either directly buy and sell digital currency as a means of facilitating cash-in and cash-out, or connect to Abra’s Digital Exchange Partners to collect or disburse fiat payments between an Abra user and a Digital Currency Exchange

Load Networks

Airtime, bill payment, payment voucher and other digital goods over-the-counter payment networks that provide a means for Abra users to purchase digital currency

Money Service Businesses

Traditional money service businesses that already provide transaction services

Individuals Networks

Self-starter entrepreneurs and physical and digital good distribution networks who are interested in building a network of Abra Tellers


In order to qualify to become a cash-in/cash-out partner, you will need to:

  • Have direct access to a network of physical over-the-counter payment locations
  • Comply with any applicable laws in your operating jurisdiction regarding the buying and selling of digital currency
  • Have significant cash liquidity to fulfill Abra transactions
  • Believe in the power of digital currency!

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