Abra partners with a variety of different technology companies, channel partners, marketing and promotional partners, and other strategic partners interested in bringing Abra to their customers, leveraging their existing network, or solving unique payment problems.


Distribution Partners

Partners that can help activate individual tellers, promote Abra as a payment method or deploy the use of the Abra app

Technology Partners

Technology platform partners serving enterprise needs and companies interested in using Abra as part of their payment collection and/or disbursement needs (e.g. loan disbursement, marketplace payments, etc.)

Consumer Organizations

Consumer product organizations with large distribution networks interested in offering secure payment solutions to their network

Manufacturers & Distributors

Smartphone manufacturers, telcos, or app distribution platforms with an interest in bundling payment services into product offerings

Service Providers

Pay-as-you-go providers or service providers that need to collect micro-payments and/or payments across multiple geographies, and are interested in using Abra as a payment facilitator

Micro-Finance Organizations

Micro-finance or similar organizations looking for an electronic means to distribute and collect payments


Some of Abra’s most exciting partnerships have emerged due to the creative of Abra’s worldwide followers and fans. If you have an idea that does not fit neatly into our other partner categories, please do not hesitate to reach out!


In order to qualify to become a growth partner, you need :

  • A creative idea to bring Abra to the world
  • A desire to create a win-win-win scenario for your organization and Abra, and most importantly our users!

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