Abra’s digital currency exchange partners complement Abra’s global cash-in and cash-out network by providing Abra users, tellers and merchants with access to digital currency via traditional bank-based payment methods. Become part of Abra’s global network and expand your reach to new customers who may or may not be digital currency literate.


Digital Currency Exchanges

Abra works with digital currency exchanges to provide Abra users with various means of cashing in/cashing out via banks and other cash-based methods. In addition, Abra works with the digital currency exchanges to provide liquidity services to merchants and tellers.

Financial Institutions

Abra partners with financial institutions that are interested in either directly providing cash-in/cash-out capabilities to Abra users or doing so in partnership with Abra’s digital currency exchange partners. Abra seeks to collaborate with financial institutions on strategic alliances and for the provisioning of standard corporate banking and treasury services.


In order to qualify to become a digital currency exchange partner, you need to be able to :

  • Operate a digital currency exchange (bitcoin exchange)
  • Support bank and/or over-the-counter payment buy and sell options
  • Comply with all applicable laws
  • Have strong banking relationships (or be a bank!)

Questions? Check out our FAQs section

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abra provides users with a mobile app that enables them to buy and sell digital currency through a digital wallet (i.e., the Abra wallet). When a user buys digital currency (with cash, a bank transfer or a card instrument), the value (or balance) is stored in their Abra wallet.

Once a user’s Abra wallet is funded, they can send peer-to-peer payments instantly to anyone in the world, or buy from an online merchant who accepts Abra as a form of payment. If an Abra user receives a payment, he/she can withdraw the balance in cash or to their bank account. Abra’s mobile app serves to connect Abra users with a network of physical locations where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their Abra wallet. At no time does Abra take custody or handle user funds.

Abra works with financial institutions that are interested in enabling different cash-in/cash-out methods for Abra users, including via bank transfers, card processing services and other collection and disbursement methods. Abra may work with financial institutions alone or may do so in collaboration with Abra’s network of digital currency exchanges to enable new currency and cash-in/cash-out methods.

Abra currently only works with the bitcoin blockchain and does not support other cryptocurrency transactions.