Introducing the Abra Money 3.0 Show

Welcoming Money 3.0

Big announcement out of Abra HQ today. We are launching a podcast!

We’re pleased to introduce our new podcast series — Abra Money 3.0, your guide to the future of all things money. The way money works — everything from the technology behind money to the way people are using it — is changing. This new podcast series will take a deeper dive into this evolution and how it is impacting finance, investing, and access to global markets.

Learn how Money 3.0 works and how it will impact you by joining us in conversation with the people spearheading the future of financial innovation.

Why Money 3.0?

Generally speaking, money moves slowly in terms of major shifts to its underlying foundations. The first version of money, which evolved over thousands of years all over the world can be lumped together as commodity money. The money itself — the minted coins and precious metals that the money was made out of — had intrinsic value. The second version of money, which started to evolve with early banknotes and today exists as electronic credits and debits — can largely be defined as representative money.

But with the invention of Bitcoin ten years ago, and now with other blockchain-based systems, finance is entering a third phase, which is where The Abra Money 3.0 Show gets its name.

Money 3.0 will be digitally native money that is open and accessible. The permissionless and programmable nature of Money 3.0 will create more open and accessible financial systems.

The other thing about Money 3.0 is that it is programmable — meaning it’s computer code based, making it more malleable and functional than the limited way that we think about money today. Money 3.0 will enable operations like smart contracts, multi-sig contracts, and crypto-collateralized contracts.

The full potential of what this kind of financial innovation will enable is still in very early days. It’s an exciting time to be thinking and learning about these new financial technologies and opportunities, but it’s also a time to think critically about what it all means — and to look for the next big investing trends and opportunities.

A new platform

The goal of the Abra Money 3.0 show is to cut through some of the complexity of new digital assets and investing and to uncover some of the interesting work currently happening at the intersection of technology and finance. We will also be talking to people all over the world to see what they are building and how they are using Money 3.0.

We hope that you will join us.

How to subscribe

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Please subscribe — we are in the process of adding the show to more podcast platforms. Let us know in the comments where you listen to podcasts and we will try to add it.