Seven flaws in the financial system

No doubt, the challenges facing the global financial system are real. If you lived through 2008, you know this. Or, today, if you live in emerging economies that still lack access to affordable and efficient financial services you know this.

But the systemic problems of global finance are often so complex that they often get lumped into one massive category, which is not always helpful for understanding.

Since we are set on building the future of finance — and we believe that building on Bitcoin is the best way to get there — we thought we would take a deeper dive into the challenges of the current financial system. We also want to look ahead toward a more decentralized alternative, which will ultimately open access, create innovative new services, and generally level the playing field.

To that end, over the next several weeks we will be working with Visual Capitalist to develop a series of data-driven infographics that look at some of the failure points of the current financial system, and how new technologies (like Bitcoin) offer much needed solutions.

This is the first of that series:

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist