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Abra price alerts now live

Introducing Abra price alerts, which we are launching in response to user demand and feedback.

The Abra price alerts will help cryptocurrency investors and traders stay on top of their portfolios. Instead of having to continually check crypto charts during major market runs, a few clicks in the Abra app will help you keep tabs on how your portfolio is doing.

How Abra price alerts work

Abra price alertsOnce you have updated the Abra app to the latest version, you should see the ability to set price alerts that will trigger notifications when any of the cryptocurrencies listed in the Abra app go past your desired buy or sell point.

For now, price alerts can be configured in the currency you have set in your wallet.

Price alerts work when prices change in the positive or negative direction, so you can be covered either way.

Once a price alert is configured in the app settings, you will get a push notification any time the criteria set is met.

Keep in mind that the prices listed on your portfolio tab are not the same as the buy and sell prices you specify in your alerts.

We are already working on improving the price alert feature (and future iterations will largely be based on user feedback, so please let us know what you would like to see). Coming versions will allow you to see current price levels while creating an alert, and the ability to set alerts based on price percentage movements. (For example, a 10 percent rise in the price of bitcoin over a one day period.) 

More features coming to the Abra app

In addition to the Abra price alert features, we are also working to improve the app in other ways, and we are excited to be rolling out new features next week.

We are always looking for user feedback, so please let us know how we can improve the app via email at [email protected]

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