Abra Introduces World’s First All-in-One Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange

Support 20 Cryptocurrencies and 50 Fiat Currencies in a Single App

Today, Abra announced support for 20 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies in a new version of our mobile app that includes a real-time exchange service across all 70 currencies. Users around the world can now buy, sell or store any of these 70 currencies within the Abra app and exchange between them at any time with no limitations. Abra is now the only all-in-one smartphone app in the world with these capabilities.

The new Abra app will be available today to all users globally with an initial 13 cryptocurrencies. The remaining 7 cryptocurrencies will be available to all Abra users in the coming days.

The initial list of cryptocurrencies to be supported starting today includes: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin, Golem, OmiseGO, Qtum, and Vertcoin. In the coming days we will add support for: Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Gold, DigiByte, Augur, Status, Stratis, and 0x.

Consumers can fund their wallet globally with bitcoin, via bank wires or ACH as well as supported American Express cards in the United States.  Users depositing bitcoin do not have to provide any additional KYC details outside of their phone number. Users in the US wiring money or using their credit card will have to provide the requisite bank and KYC details to our bank partners. Abra will be adding native support for litecoin and ether deposits in the coming weeks.

There will be no transaction fees for exchanging between currencies, although Abra will make money on the exchange spread.

A brief word on the technology behind this new product. To develop the new wallet and integrated exchange, Abra has created a first of its kind stablecoin platform that facilitates holding both fiat coins as well as cryptocurrencies using a combination of litecoin and bitcoin-based contracts. For a technical overview of how the contracts work, check out our technology overview here.

Download the Abra app now to start investing in cryptocurrency!

144 thoughts on “Abra Introduces World’s First All-in-One Cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange

    1. @billbarhydt I hope you are well congrats on your launch 🚀. Can I ask would you kindly consider adding #btcp #bitcoinprivate to your list? Many thanks 🙏🏻 best of luck @HeyRhett @CryptoJake22 @btcpnews @bitcoinprivate

    1. Hi Bem,

      We actively looking to extend Abra’s platform to the web. However, in the short-term, we are focusing on development efforts on iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback though!

  1. Dear Abra Team,

    On behalf of the DigiByte Design Team, I would like to point out that you are using the outdated DigiByte logo and ‘’Digibyte’’ name.‘’DigiByte’’ is the official name with capital B. We would highly appreciate if you could update to the rebranded one as soon as possible, as to avoid any confusion for the new DigiByte users and ensure brand consistency and trust.

    The logos are available at this repository: https://github.com/digibyte/digibyte-logos
    You are free to use any of the appropriate sizes for your website.

    This is the new logo (DGB symbol): https://github.com/digibyte/digibyte-logos/blob/master/Logos%20Bitmap/transparent%20bg/ClearBg%20DigiByte.png

    Thank you very much for your time and effort.


    Nigel DigiByte

    DigiByte Design Team

      1. Very Impressed with the quick responses from the DEV team. We will definity look into your Android Exchange. We look forward to seeing other coins that we have in our portfolio.

  2. Well done Abra. Well done.

    Funny how you say “and 0x” — because its probably the most incredible thing you’ve added. Most people still don’t know that it’s extremely undervalued, because non-technical people have no idea how disruptive 0x protocol will be to the entire crypto ecosystem.

    But I don’t know why you added Bcash and Bgold….? Those forks seem like a waste.

    Please also add the ability for us to remove (or at least just hide) wallets which are empty. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. Our criteria for listing coins on our app involve multiple factors including liquidity, contract market making, etc.

      Also, we will be adding the ability to delete wallets very soon!

    2. Agreed, I like that you have 0x – very forward looking… but at the same time that’s like the 50th coin by market cap and others in the top 10 like ADA and NEO are not listed. I love Cardano but seems like it’s always a tough one to add because their wallet support is very limited.

    1. No, a much better version. 😉 Unlike Ethos, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly to your bank account if you live in the US or Philippines. Try it out!

        1. You can use Bitcoin to directly fund your wallet. Once you have BTC in Abra, you can exchange for any of the digital assets we offer on our app.

          However, we are working on supporting bank funding globally. We will have more updates on this front later on in the year.

    1. We are actively looking into adding more coins. Thanks for the suggestion, and we’ll keep you posted on new listings!

    1. You can send in Bitcoin from an external wallet. Once you have BTC in the app, you can invest in any of the 20 cryptocurrencies or 50 fiat currencies we offer on the platform!

  3. Seems like compatibility settings on market are wrongly configured, I can’t install it to my Xiaomi redmi note 4. Could you please fix it?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are actively looking to add more coins. We have a thorough process to add new tokens to the platform. Stay tuned!

    2. Yes, Cardano/ADA seems to be a good one to add. I like their rigorous approach, proactive approach (quantum computing risk, etc.)

  4. I’d love for Abra to list Komodo (KMD). it’s a Zcash fork with Delayed Proof of Work, pioneering atomic swaps, gains interest, building smart contracts that work in multiple languages, has more github commits than any other team in crypto in the past year, secondary coins can be built on the platform that won’t congest the blockchain, is fuel for its DEX and atomic swaps. Abra, list them! 😀

  5. Am I reading this right?

    ARE YOU RUNNING SMART CONTRACTS ON LITECOIN? And Bitcoin? If we can “move users in between” BTC/LTC contracts… that means smart contracts are running ontop of the BTC/LTC base layers? This is NOT running on ETH smart contracts correct?

    Also, if you are, are these protocols similar to Loopring/Kyber Network’s goals? I feel like this is kind of huge but I mis understand things all the time.

    I’ll stand by. I’m downloading the app right meow. Thank you.

    1. Yes that’s correct. We use BTC currently, and soon LTC. We are committed to decentralizing investing, like Kyber, 0x, Airswap, etc. We have a different approach and could potentially collaborate with those projects down the road.

  6. Great to hear looking for more coins
    GRS is super fast and cheap transactions so would make a great gateway coin

  7. 1.) Is there an OSX version of the wallet in the works?

    2.) Is Abra going to have a native token for the exchange, similar to BNB and KUC for Binance and Kucoin?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. We do not have a web-based interface, nor our own coin. We are actively looking at ways to list completely new digital assets.

  8. Hello!

    I wanted to transfer some ethers from my private wallet into my Abra wallet, but when I check my ETH wallet, there is no “Send or Receive” button unlike with Bitcoin. Is there something I need to do to enable it. Would also love the same feature with Litecoin.

    Thank you!

    1. We don’t have native ETH support just quite yet, so hold on for the time being! You can always transfer in and out BTC though.

  9. “There will be no transaction fees for exchanging between currencies, although Abra will make money on the exchange spread.”

    As English is not my first language I dont fully understand the sentence above – please clarify with me if possible.

    When Abra says no exchange fee between currencies does that mean it wouldnt cost me a dime to go from HKD to USD and that the exchange rate will be at HKD 7.83 at the market rate? I fear the exchange rate is dummed down to say HKD 7.73 and Abra profits the difference.

    Secondly, I cant make sense of the meaning of exchange spread, could you explain a little more on that point please?

    Thank you in advance!

  10. I would love to see DeepOnion on the list. DeepOnion is currently one of the most undervalued coins. It is an anonymous cryptocurrency integrated with the TOR network, with OBFS4 and Meek. With the upcoming stealth addresses integrated with DeepProtocol, and Vote Central it will become one of the most advanced privacy coin on the market, with large community behind it. Visit the website and learn more: http://DeepOnion.org

  11. So ABRA is a USA FIAT only wallet/exchange? When will support be available for UK FIAT bank transfers and VISA Card deposits/withdraws as well as other supported countries?

  12. This is great. Please add the community driven zero dev tax zero premine zero airdrop zero supernode tax BTCZ to your platform as well!

  13. Please consider adding the KRI (Krios.io) token. It’s going to be huge. It’s ICO is closing April 14th and only .25 a token at the moment. If you buy during ICO use promo code DF10 to receive 10 percent more tokens when you apply coupon at check out. They take PayPal! Good luck and glad to be here!

  14. Will we be able to sell our Crypto in Abra and send the money to our bank account? Is Abra available in Malaysia?

    1. You can only withdraw BTC from Abra if you live in Malaysia. We only provide bank linking in the US and the Philippines.

  15. I live in Thailand. I have a few questions.
    Can I deposit by credit card. ?
    Can I withdraw to fiat money (THB)? How do you process the withdrawal to my Thai Bank account?

    Thank you for you answer.

    1. We do not support linking a Thai credit card or bank account currently. You can withdraw your funds in BTC though!

  16. Groestlcoin has the potential to enter in top 20 due to its speed and subatomic fees. also atomic swaps. It’s in active developing.

  17. Add Electroneum as soon as they agree it with you. They have a huge loyal following, the only mobile miner (100,000 + active users) and a global Facebook user base. Good luck

  18. If you guys can add monero that would be really awesome, and yeah this was something I was looking for , especially when the fees got really ridiculous with bitcoin, just never considered using your app simply because of that.

  19. Are you working for open your app to other countries like Latin America? Is in this countries where we have problems for invest in criptocurrencies, in USA they have a lot of options. They don’t really need that.

    1. Hi Alex, so if you have Bitcoin (BTC), you can send in BTC to Abra and then exchange for any of the 20 cryptocurrencies or 50 fiat currencies listed on our app!

  20. Does Abra log all transactions and associated info for the user’s tax return requirements and is the info in a transferable / downloadable format? Thanks…

  21. Congratulations! You’re stirring the market up. Does ABRA have business/entity accounts for Solo 401k Trusts? Retirement investment accounts are seriously being ignored by the exchanges. There’s gold in them-there-hills.


    1. Hi CKaboom, we do not officially offer business or retirement accounts, although you could probably chat with your financial advisor/institution to create a legal document that would allow you to purchase BTC on our platform and move it to some sort of retirement account (not a 401k though).

  22. Hi Matt’
    I am from Hungary, from Europe.
    I have got an Abra wallet.
    I would like to know when and how can I transfer fiat money, USD, Euro or Ft to my K&h Bank to Budapest

    Best regards,


    1. You can only transfer and out BTC. But once you send BTC to the Abra app, you can gain exposure to any of the digital assets we list on the platform.

  23. Will there be a way to export transaction details for purposes of tracking – for example, I am using CoinTracking
    (https://cointracking.info/dashboard.php). This has been a lifesaver to track transactions for the purposes of paying taxes. I am concerned about losing that ability utilizing Abra to export transactions – if only for a few transactions this is trivial, but when the transactions start stacking up this becomes arduous.

  24. Please consider to have segwit addresses for bitcoin deposits and withdraws.
    Faster transactions with lower fees.

    Also, how you manage the withdraw fees?

      1. Nice to hear this and look forward!

        Also one more suggestion, please add the ability to see the portfolio funds not only in fiat currencies but also in btc or eth equivalents.

  25. Can we transfer cryptocurrencies from other exchanges to out Abra wallet aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum? I cant see the public key of the new crypto assets in my Abra wallet. Thanks

    1. Only Bitcoin for now, very soon we will have native LTC and ETH. We are actively looking at expanding native support to all cryptocurrencies listed on our platform. Stay tuned!

  26. Cardano should be added, without a doubt. I’m not sure how it was overlooked, given some of those that were added.

  27. Hello, I think cypto users mostly use mobile tech so the mobile launch is a definite win from a marketshare standpoint. Is there any plan to add EOS to your lineup? I think EOS would truly be a great addition. This is great!

  28. So, I have a couple of questions:
    How is the price peg (for altcoins) being maintained? Do you actually go out and purchase on an altcoin exchange? And, if so, why should I not go to the exchange directly?
    How large are the spreads for say BTC/USD exchange? Especially during times of high volatility. And are you hedging this pair on a futures exchange like CME/CBOE or on a spot exchange?

    1. Sorry some more questions: is there a lag on BTC/USD transactions. As in do you need to wait for x number of confirmations on the blockchain?
      Also, since the BTC is non-custodial what is your asset pool comprised of for hedging? for example: I post $100 and buy BTC, since it is non-custodial you are obliged to buy actual $100 BTC and give it to me. So you have no assets. Now, if I sell that BTC for USD in the app, what are you using to hedge as you do not have access to my BTC or do you?
      Which exchanges are you exposed to in terms or risk? for example; if you are hedging on bitfinex and if bitfinex shuts down that would be a risk worth knowing beforehand.

    2. Hi Vivek,

      So, we use a synthetic contract that is enabled through BTC + LTC smart contracts. We have multiple exchange partners for liquidity and buy at the spot exchange price. The assets we list on our exchange are vetted on a few objective factors, so we are confident in the digital assets we list that they are liquid enough to handle a large amount of volatility. Here is more info about the contracts: https://support.abra.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001818392-How-do-Abra-s-synthetic-currencies-work-

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Raphael,

      Currently, you can send in BTC only from external wallets and exchanges into Abra. We are working on native transfer functionality for the coins listed on Abra. We will keep you posted on future updates.

  29. great job Abra team! Just to ask, can we directly transfer altcoins (i.e XRP) from external wallet (i.e. Toast) to Abra wallet, and vice-versa? Also, can you also look into Electroneum? Thanks.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Currently, we do not offer native support for direct XRP deposits/withdrawals. You can transfer in BTC directly though, and if you live in the US or Philippines you can link a bank account and deposit/withdrawal via USD.

  30. From what is on other pages here, the wallet can be funded with American Express Serve(prepaid cards). When selling BTC, can the funds(US$) be sent to American Express Serve cards as well?

  31. Wir zeigen Ihnen persönlich vor Ort in unseren Geschäftsräumen, wie Sie Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple und andere Kryptowährungen kaufen. Wir bieten keine Anlageberatung oder Anlagevermittlung an, unsere Dienstleistung beschränkt sich auf technische Hilfestellung

  32. Hi im from Philippines hope you can add dragonpay or gcash when adding money so it would be instant. 2 days from banks seems a very long time and old ways since we are in online era.

  33. I’m new to Cryptocurrency and would like to know would I be able to buy directly from inside the app ? Or is it only to keep track of my currencies?

    1. You can purchase cryptocurrency directly inside the app! If you have a bank account in the US or Philippines. Otherwise, you can fund your Abra wallet with BTC.

  34. A friend and I are having a disagreement. He said that Abra does not update market cap and volume when we buy from Abra. He also said we are not buying the various cryptocurrencies.
    I have downloaded the app, funded my account and traded. Love the app!

    1. For example, when you buy Ether (ETH) on Abra, we use LTC and BTC contracts to represent the value of that Ether. So it’s not the actual Ether token you are holding in the Abra app. However, that contract will affect the market cap/volume of the Ethereum market. Hope this helps!

  35. Hi I live in Australia am I not able to use your app to store and buy crypto? Or can I fund it with BTC that I already have, you don’t seem to mention that, Im a bit confused? US and Philippines pretty limited.

    1. You can directly fund the app by sending in BTC from an external wallet. Once you have funded your Abra wallet, you can invest in any cryptocurrency of fiat currency we list on our app.

  36. Hello,
    I love how you are implementing LiteCoin smart contracts in addition to the bitcoin for the swaps.

    Will you be adding the send and receive option for lite coin?

    Also when will you start implementing the LiteCoin smart contracts to its full extent? Unless the LiteCoin smart contracts are already in full effect?


    1. Hi Nickalos,

      1. We are very close to supporting direct litecoin deposits/withdrawals. we will keep you posted on future updates.
      2. We have already started to implement LTC contracts and are gradually doing a rollout. No hard date yet on when it will be live for all users.

  37. Any chance you can add DeepOnion? Their transactions are instant, private and at a very low 0.0001 fee. They have many blockchain innovations as well and an ambitious roadmap with unique features.

  38. I can see some privacy coins in the app. Wow! It would be great if DeepOnion – an anonymous project appears on the list! I am very into it because it provides me full-fledge privacy protection.

  39. Interesting project. Please take a look into privacy coins way, it will definitely take the big part of this market in the future. I recommend DeepOnion, ZenCash, Monero, ZCash.

  40. Can I buy Tron directly without having to buy BTC and then exchange? I am looking to move to a wallet that can simplify that funding/buying process. Please advise.

    1. Chris,

      Not yet. For now Tron is a synthetic asset on Abra. That means that you are able to get exposure to the price, but you can’t move TRX directly in and out of Abra. We are working on creating what we call native support for more cryptos, which would allow you to move assets quickly across different wallets. Please stay tuned for that. Thanks,

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