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    1. Hi George, the choice to convert your ETH to BTC and transfer it to your Abra app is entirely yours! If you want to, then first you need to convert your ETH into BTC in Coinbase, then send the BTC to the bitcoin address on the “Add money” screen of your Abra wallet. You can find instructions for sending bitcoin from your Coinbase account to an external bitcoin wallet (in this case, your Abra wallet) here: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/en/portal/articles/971437-how-do-i-send-digital-currency-

  1. Wells Fargo holds an account that I can not link to my Abra account. I would like to buy one I can not get past the recovery phrase page. I have a small Wells Fargo Bank account in Denver, Co. that I would like to link to my Abra account. Apparently, I am doing something wrong With the money that I transfer into Abra some USD and then I would like to buy a Bitcoin and keep it at Abra. Can you tell me specifically how I can do this?

    1. I’m having trouble with Wells Fargo too. Been trying for 2 weeks and all I got from WF was “no account capable of ACH transfer”. Since I have some bills paid that way each month I know that is not true. Last I got was a woman saying she would send email instructions on how to set up money transfer. That would take 2 to 3 days. Now it seems it would be easier to move to another bank and start over.

  2. With Abra enabling people to convert to and from fiat currency and bitcoin as well as with Abra’s underlying technology making use of bitcoin under the hood, will we be expecting any service disruption on August 1st with Abra (noting that there might be a potential disruption with the bitcoin network at that time)?

      1. We are monitoring developments but are not committing to any particular strategy until we have more clarity on what the likely outcome of the situation will be. Rest assured that giving our customers the best possible tools to protect their funds is our number one priority.

        As Abra transactions take place on the bitcoin blockchain, any service impact to the bitcoin network would likely impact Abra as well.

  3. I was given a code which was sent to my iPhone. Then I entered a Pin. Wells Fargo requires another level of security, so I was sent another code to an old phone number. I haven’t been able to get past this spot because I don’t know the old phone number. How can I resolve this?

  4. Marvin Gove
    Jul 27, 10:22 AM PDT.
    My wife and I opened a new joint checking account with Chase bank with on-line banking profiles.
    I was able to fund Coinbase from this account, so ACH transfer mechanism works.
    I went to Abra and setup the new bank account (Chase). This was verified and accepted by Abra.
    Then tried to fund my Abra wallet from the new Chase account and got the response
    …”Ooops, an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again.”
    I contacted Abra support group, but they don’t seem able or willing to help me. Buying BTC at Abra with an approved bank ( Chase, for instance) is supposedly a working option with Abra.
    Any body have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Marvin,

      Thank you for following up.

      Unfortunately this is a side-effect of how insecure the legacy banking system is. Our banking partner or our security protocols do not give customers any additional information about why a transaction is canceled because they don’t want to make it easier for illegitimate users to game the system. We wish we could provide more information to our customers in these cases so they can understand what went wrong but in these cases it’s not safe to do so.
      For what it’s worth, this is standard practice across the financial services industry.

      We do have other funding alternatives – tellers, American Express, payments via other users, or bitcoin deposits.

      We sincerely do apologize that bank integration does not work for your Abra wallet and the inconveniences you’ve experienced,

    1. Hey Bob,

      Thanks for reaching out Bob. To send money to an external bitcoin wallet, press ‘Withdraw’ on the home screen, and then press ‘Use Bitcoin’. You will then be prompted to enter the Bitcoin address, or you can scan the external Bitcoin wallet’s QR code. Enter the amount you want to send, and press ‘Next’ in the top right hand corner. Press ‘Confirm Withdrawal’, and that’s it! You’ve sent your Bitcoin to an external wallet.


    1. Hey Mike,

      Great question. To convert fiat into bitcoin, press the ‘menu’ icon on the top left of your Abra home page. Then, scroll down to ‘Wallet Currency’. Here, you can choose to convert your fiat into any of the supported currencies, including Bitcoin.


  5. How do I buy other crypto currencies w/ BTC that is in my ABRA account?

    Where do I find all of the crypto currencies that can be purchased w/ my ABRA account?

    1. Hi Dennis!
      While bitcoin is the only crypto-currency that Abra supports, now that you have bitcoin, you can use it with any third-party service that accepts bitcoin as a payment method for buying other crypto-currencies.
      One popular one is called Shapeshift.io
      We’ve written before about how to fund your Abra wallet with alt currencies by using ShapeShift.
      It also works the other way around. You will have to use another wallet to store your non-bitcoin crypto currency.

  6. Hi If I am in Saudi Arabia but the account I am using is from the bank account Philippines. Is this possible? Can I use that account to add funds to my Abra account then buy bitcoins or any other crypto currencies?

    1. Hey Ron,

      If the bank account is from the Philippines then you should have no trouble using this account. And yes, you can add the money into your Abra wallet and then convert it to Bitcoin. We would advise setting your ‘Wallet Currency’ to Bitcoin first, and then transferring the money into your account, so it will show up as Bitcoin.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Abra does not charge fees when converting between currencies. That being said, Abra may make a small amount in the conversion process.


    1. Hey Jeff,

      If you are running into any troubles using the app, feel free to send our support team a message at support@abra.com. They’d love to help you get set up and start using Abra.

      Best Regards,

    1. Hi Sally. If you have a US-based Amex card and don’t see the Amex option available to you, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ option within your Abra app to contact our support team for assistance. Thanks!

  7. I live in an EU country where I can’t use my local bank account on Abra. I am from the US and have an account at a smaller regional bank there, and would like to use that account, but it is not on the list of Abra banks. How long and difficult would the process be allow me to use this bank?

    1. Hi Mel! We’re always working on ways to expand the set of banks available for our users. If your bank isn’t supported, you can always consider applying to our wire program – details here: https://support.abra.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002918627-What-are-Abra-s-transaction-limits-new-

      If you have a US-based American Express card, that may also be an option for you: https://www.abra.com/blog/press-releases/can-now-fund-abra-wallet-american-express-card/

  8. I am a newbie so this may be dumb question but I want to know. When you say ABRA can only store Bitcoin is that referring to the Bitcoin or does it store all of the currencies that are listed under Bitcoin. BTC-ADA, BTC-BCC, BTC-ETC, etc.

  9. Wanted to transfer to ABRA from coins.ph but is that really expensive to send BTC using coins.ph to ABRA?
    Sending Php500 will cost a total of Php1,262.09, and that is even at the lowest fee. Would you guys suggest another practical way. Thank you in advance for your kind response.

    1. Hi RJ,

      Yes mining fees on the Bitcoin network are sometimes high due to the increase in demand and adoption of Bitcoin. The best option is to wait a day or so while transactions are processed and fees come down. If you have further questions, please send us an email at contact@abra.com.

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