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Confirm your identity with a frictionless process. Fund your account with $100 and hold for one week.

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New users will get boosted to Orbit tier rewards with 5,000 Crypto Perx (CPRX) loyalty tokens.

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8% APY paid in-kind with 2% yield booster paid in CPRX for Orbit tier members.

Transforming the world with crypto

Abra’s mission is to make the transition to the new crypto economy easy and accessible. Abra believes that by providing a comprehensive, easy, and secure platform, we can help people globally to embrace and utilize all of the benefits of crypto.

Exclusively for Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership members new to Abra, we are offering 5,000 CPRX loyalty tokens for members who sign up and fund their accounts with the code ‘TRPLAT22’. This qualifies you for the Orbit loyalty tier when you hold CPRX for 30 days.

The Orbit loyalty tier entitles members to a higher rate of rewards on trades, the interest generated and loans held. This is our way of thanking you for supporting Abra’s mission.

Compare Abra to Coinbase

Number of Cryptos for Trading 97 (US) / 121 (Global) 63
Easy Trading Any-to-Any Trading Pairs Limited Pairs
Generate Interest on Your BTC, ETH & Stablecoins Yes, up to 13% No
Borrow Against Your Crypto Yes, rates as low as 0% No
Live Support Live, people-powered chat (and email) No

Top Coins Available

Abra Private Clients

Let Abra help you conquer crypto. With Abra Private Client services you will have support every step of the way and get the best access to crypto trading, generating yield, borrowing – all at our lowest fees.

Please email  to speak with a relationship manager about our Private Client services.

  • Free for qualifying clients

  • Dedicated relationship manager

  • OTC services, low slippage, custom price quotes and investment structures

  • Access to Abra’s venture funds (private token and equity deals)







Learn More About Abra Perx Rewards

Use Abra to Generate Crypto

Generate free crypto in the form of Crypto Perx (CPRX) when you trade, generate interest, or hold a loan with Abra. CPRX can be bought and sold just like any other token.

New CPRX Utilities, Coming Soon

Soon users will be able to generate interest on their CPRX an use CPRX to get a discount on trading fees.

Hold CPRX to Unlock Rewards

Your loyalty tier is determined by your monthly average balance of the CPRX loyalty token held with Abra. Higher loyalty tiers get better rewards and more opportunities.

Loyalty Tier CPRX Held Trade Cash Back Yield Booster Negative Loan Interest
Baseline 0.10% 1.00% -0.40%


20 0.11% 1.10% -0.44%


200 0.125% 1.25% -0.50%


500 0.15% 1.50% -0.60%


5,000 0.20% 2.00% -0.80%


50,000 0.50% 5.00% -2.00%

Abra and You

  • Great Educational Content
  • Weekly Live AMAs with our CEO
  • Customer Service 24/7 Email Response + Live Chat
  • Available in over 150 countries

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Our Customer Service is here to help, 24/7. Get dedicated support by reaching out to [email protected].

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