Direct Litecoin Deposits and Withdrawals

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

We are excited to announce that we now support direct Litecoin (LTC) deposits and withdrawals. This means you can fund your wallet with Litecoin and gain exposure to any of the digital assets listed on Abra. Litecoin has been one of the most popular assets in terms of transaction volume and we want to provide easy on-ramps for the Litecoin community to invest.

We are working on supporting direct deposits and withdrawals for other cryptocurrencies on our platform. So stay tuned for future updates!

Also, Monero (XMR), NEO (NEO), NEM (XEM), Lisk (LSK), and Verge (XVG) recently went live on Abra! You can now exchange 25 cryptocurrencies and 50+ fiat currencies in the app. We really value your feedback, so feel free to let us know in the comments below which cryptocurrencies you want to see on Abra.

14 thoughts on “Direct Litecoin Deposits and Withdrawals

  1. Awesome, big fan of Litecoin! Please consider listing Dentacoin (DCN), it’s a great cmc top 100 project with a friendly and active community. DCN is already an active project, but still has a lot of future potential.

  2. When do you feel digibyte, xrp and stellar will have their withdrawl and deposit functions added.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Carl,

      We are actively working on adding deposit/withdrawal functionality for several of the popular cryptocurrencies on our app. Stay tuned for future updates!

  3. Once you have added native deposit/withdrawal functionality to Abra’s synthetic cryptocurrencies, such as Digibyte or Stellar, would that also mean that there would be unlimited daily transactions permissible for those cryptocurrencies, and that daily hedging to synthetic fiat, as well as daily transactions to and from other native cryptocurrencies would no longer be limited to the price of Bitcoin over a particular 24 hour period?

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