How it works

As an Abra Affiliate, you can offer a $25 joining bonus to your audience, and earn $25 for each new user who makes a deposit to their Abra wallet. For affiliates and new users to receive their $25, new users must:

Option 1: Deposit a minimum of $5 to their Abra wallet using a US bank account or eligible American Express card.

Option 2: Deposit crypto and exchange it to any other crypto. Both you and the new user will receive 0.75% of the exchange total, up to $25. A minimum of $5 in rewards must be accrued for the referred user to receive payment.

Activate your referral link

Apply to the Abra Affiliate program – then place your newly activated referral link on your website, app, or social profile.

Users make their first deposit

After downloading the Abra app through your referral link, referred users make a first deposit into their Abra wallet.

You both get $25 in bitcoin

You receive $25 for each referred user, and they each receive $25 to start investing. We all get closer to a world where everyone owns crypto. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is eligible for Abra’s affiliate program?

Abra is currently signing up select partners to our affiliate program. To apply click here.

2How will I be paid?

You will receive payments in bitcoin (BTC) to your Abra wallet on a monthly basis.

3What are the benefits of Abra’s affiliate program?

Abra’s affiliate program is one of the most rewarding ways to evangelize cryptocurrency investing. Offer your followers $25 for getting started, and earn $25 when they make their first deposit.

4Will you be supporting additional cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Our all-in-one app currently allows users to buy, sell and store 28 cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we continue to add cryptocurrencies.

5How do you attribute traffic to an affiliate?

Your referral link contains a unique identifier that we use to track transactions performed by the users you refer. We use the last click attribution method; users you refer must download the Abra app directly after clicking your custom link.

6When will I receive my first payment?

Affiliate partners are paid by the 10th of each month for any new users referred during the previous month. Affiliates must have an accrued balance of $100 to receive payout.

7How is this different from the referral program?

Our in-app referral program is capped at $500 (20 referred users), and payments are sent within 10 days of new users making their first deposit. Our affiliate program extends the referral offer for users with large audiences, and pays out monthly.

8Can Abra sponsor my event or organization?

If you’re looking for partnership opportunities outside of the affiliate program, you can find more information here.

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