Send money instantly to the United States with no transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.

Send Money to the U.S.

With Abra, you can send money instantly to friends and family in the U.S. through a secure digital wallet on your smartphone. Fund your wallet with bitcoin or another local funding option. Your recipient in the U.S. can withdraw funds to their bank account, in cash through a local Abra teller, withdraw to an external bitcoin wallet, or spend at any online merchant that accepts Abra or bitcoin.

All Abra transactions take place using bitcoin, a secure, electronic peer-to-peer technology, so funds are transferred directly from sender to recipient without any intermediary.

How Abra Money Transfers to the U.S. Work

It’s simple and convenient to transfer money with Abra.


Download the Abra app

Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Add funds to your Abra digital wallet

You can transfer funds from a U.S. or Philippines bank account, deposit bitcoin digitally, or deposit cash using an Abra Teller at your location. See which services are available in your country.


Send the funds to your recipient

Simply tap “Send” on the main screen and select the contact to whom funds will be sent. Make sure your recipient has also downloaded the Abra app.


Receive money in minutes

The recipient can store the funds in their Abra wallet, withdraw funds to their bank account, in cash through an Abra teller, withdraw bitcoin, or spend at any online merchant that accepts Abra or bitcoin.

How to Send Bitcoin to Family and Friends (Even if They Don't Know What Bitcoin Is)

Abra makes it easy for you to transfer bitcoin to your family and friends in the U.S., even if they want to receive the funds in US dollars. Because Abra supports over 50 global currencies, including bitcoin, every Abra user can choose their own wallet currency and Abra will convert the funds automatically. You can send bitcoin and they’ll receive dollars, for example.

In addition, the recipient can use their Abra wallet to pay online at any of the over 100,000 merchants that accept bitcoin, even if they are holding local currency.

Download Abra App - It’s Free

With no sending fees and competitive exchange rates, more money stays in your hands!

Abra Saves You Time and Money

Abra is unique. Our peer-to-peer technology gives more control to both the sender and the recipient. Your money is sent directly from phone to phone.

With Abra, the transfer of the money is free for both the sender and the recipient.

Abra’s international exchange rates are just about the lowest in the market. Check our fees page for more information.

About Abra

Abra is a global peer-to-peer app-based digital wallet that puts the power in the palm of your hand to easily and safely buy, sell, and send money anywhere in the world using bitcoin. Abra supports bitcoin, as well as more than 50 other global currencies and relies on the bitcoin blockchain to ensure secure and quick transactions.