Get $25 for every friend you refer. Share your link to get rewards without limits.

It’s the best way to get free crypto and introduce your friends to Abra.


1. UPDATE your Abra App in the app store. (OR download and install it, if you are new to Abra.)
2. Go to your account dashboard and click “Invite to Abra”
3. Either copy your unique link and send it to friends or click “Share your link”
4. When your friend has held a minimum balance of at least $15 equivalent value of crypto at the time of deposit held for 30 days, you both get paid $25 in CPRX tokens deposited to your trade account.


No. Bring as many as you’d like. You will all get $25!

Look in your referral dashboard. There, you will be able to see how many of your friends have “Signed Up”. When they have held the $15 balance for 30 days, they will show up as “Completed”.

The first round of payouts will be issued upon the launch of the CPRX token in November. Once CPRX has been launched, future payouts will be issued weekly as each friend completes the minimum 30-day period with the minimum balance requirement.

Our referral program only distributes in CPRX, but you may trade CPRX for any coin in the Abra app once the token is available for Trade in the November launch.

Download the app and start investing in crypto within minutes