Update for a chance to win $500 in BTC!

We miss you. We really do. We noticed it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your Abra app. 

Update now

Maybe you’re a long term hodler, or maybe you’ve just been busy — either way, updating your app today will help us give you the most secure and efficient wallet experience possible. 

It matters to us that all Abra users are running the latest wallet update. So we’re going to send one lucky winner $500 in BTC, just for updating this week.

Update your Abra app for a chance to win $500 in bitcoin.

Update now
Simply update your Abra app by Friday 11/22/19 at 6 PM PST, and you will automatically be entered to win $500 in BTC (or roughly 5,898,574 satoshis). 

And, in case you haven’t heard, your updated Abra wallet will give you way more cryptocurrency investing potential

So, to summarize: please update your Abra app!


Team Abra

Terms and Conditions
- Users must upgrade their app anytime between 6 AM PST 11/18/19 to 6 PM PST 11/22/19 to qualify.
- Promotion available only to select Abra users.
- To qualify, select users must successfully update their Abra wallet to the most recent version of the Abra app.
- Drawing winner will receive $500 in BTC.
- Prize will be sent to the winner’s Abra wallet on 11/25/19.

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