Welcome back!

We're happy to see you back.  We've made a few updates to the Abra app recently, in our mission to make investing easy and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Now that you've restored your Abra wallet, there are a few items you should check:

  1. Re-connect your bank: If you previously connected a bank account to your Abra wallet, it's been disconnected for your safety, and you'll need to reconnect it now. To do this, swipe left on your bank under the "Bank ACH transfer" or "Bank wire transfer" options in the Add Money section to delete it, then reconnect it by selecting "Add new bank account". If your account isn't approved within 30 minutes after set up, please contact support. 
  2. View new assets: We’ve added hundreds of new assets to the Abra app. To view them, click the “Add” button in the top right corner of your portfolio page. You can scroll to view, or search for specific assets by name or ticker. Then add them to your portfolio to follow price movements.
  3. Deposit: You can now deposit and withdraw all cryptocurrencies in the Abra app. View them all, and try it out in the “Add Money” section of the app.
Happy investing,

Team Abra


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