The Head of Trading Strategies is responsible for driving yield enhancement through hedged trading strategies. In this role, you will be charged with building a team to pursue trading ideas, see through their implementation in conjunction with key business partners, and build quantitative systems to track opportunities and measure risk.

Key responsibilities
Work with senior leadership to build out and oversee the trading function
Establish a framework for evaluating opportunities across various arbitrage strategies
Coordinate development of a dashboard to track opportunities and measure risk in concert with Credit/Lending, Trading Operations, and Risk Management teams, among others
Lead the design and testing of new systems, infrastructure, and technology for trading
Build versatile trading implementations capable of accommodating a variety of portfolio requirements

Key requirements
Knowledge of digital assets, cryptocurrency markets, blockchain technologies and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols (liquidity pools, yield farming, staking, etc.)
Experience working with engineers and proficiency in managing software development (i.e., capable with code versioning tools)
Ability to build and manage a team in a virtual/remote setting across time zones
Ability to communicate effectively across functions
Good judgment for strategic planning

Preferred qualifications:
Advanced degree in quantitative discipline (Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Quantitative Finance, Engineering, Computer Science)
Technically proficient (Python, SQL, Linux OS, C++, Rust, Go etc.)
Familiarity with smart contracts

About Abra
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