• Monitor Abra’s Telegram and Discord Channel and protect it from scammers and spammers using Combot.
  • Issue warnings for bad behavior and ban bad actors.
  • Notify users of group rules and that moderators and Abra employees will never Direct Message them without prior consent.
  • Answer questions about Abra wallet, Abra products, Abra company, and general cryptocurrency answers. 
  • Create an environment of fun, openness, respect and curiosity. 
  • Engage with the Abra Community on Telegram and foster loyalty and community growth.
  • Directs users to proper channels like customer support, useful blog articles, and other links.


  • Deep knowledge of the Telegram and Discord App.
  • Familiarity with Telegram/Discord and cryptocurrency culture.
  • Can explain the basics of cryptocurrency.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about Abra and our community
  • Strong written communications


  • Loves to help people and answer questions
  • Deeply cares about growing and fostering online communities.
  • Diligent in being available for the community.


Familiarity with Telegram bots like Combot in the past and knows how to use the software. Multilingual also welcomed.