Abra is the only app that allows you to buy, store, and invest in 30 cryptocurrencies, all in one place. Abra and DataDash have partnered to get you started with your first $25 in bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Investing.


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Getting started is easy

1. Download the app

Download Abra on the Apple App Store or Google play using the link below.

2. Set up a wallet

Follow the instructions and complete sign up to create your wallet.

4. Get $25!

After completing steps 1-3, expect to see $25 deposited to your account within 10 days.

3. Make a deposit

Deposit $5 or more via US bank account or eligible American Express card.

Cryptocurrency Investing. Simplified.

Abra is the simplest and most secure way to build a crypto investing portfolio. 

Invest in 30 cryptocurrencies, 50 fiat currencies or the new BIT10 index.

Exchange, move and track your investments all from one app.

Control your assets. You are the only one holding the encrypted recovery phrased needed to access your Abra wallet.

Already have crypto? Start investing with Abra, get 1.5% cashback

Deposit crypto and exchange it to any other asset except bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin. You'll receive 1.5% of the transaction total, up to $25 (Minimum $5 accumulated required before payout).

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