Using Abra to buy bitcoin in the Philippines

This post has been updated to reflect changes to the Abra app in November 2017

For over two years, Abra has provided free bank-to-bank transfers and convenient cash-based transfers for Filipino residents, OFWs, and their families in the Philippines and abroad.

Since rolling out direct support for bitcoin in March 2017, we’re excited to say that the Philippines has also become one of our largest markets for customers buying bitcoin. With over 1500 Teller locations and major bank integrations supported throughout the country, this comes as no surprise to us. But we are nonetheless very happy to see this passion and excitement for bitcoin in one of our most important markets worldwide.

Certainly, one reason bitcoin buyers in the Philippines choose Abra is because we have some of the best rates in the country. So if you’re considering acquiring some bitcoin, you owe it to yourself to check us out!

If you’re new to Abra or haven’t tried using Abra to buy bitcoin yet, here’s a quick overview of how you can use your Abra wallet to buy bitcoin in the Philippines:

How to buy bitcoin with Abra

With Abra, you can have two wallets. Set up a Philippine peso wallet and a bitcoin wallet.

Fund your peso wallet using cash at a teller location, or from your bank account.

Then convert your pesos into bitcoin using the process described in Step 3 of this blog post.

Success! It’s that easy to buy bitcoin with your Abra wallet. Now you can follow the price of bitcoin as it shifts with market demand and speculate on the future of this exciting technology.

Don’t yet have an Abra wallet?

Get one here (for iOS and Android)

Learn more

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27 thoughts on “Using Abra to buy bitcoin in the Philippines

  1. Hi,

    I am getting “an unexpected error, try again” when trying to move funds from php wallet to btc. I am using the Android app.
    Any solutions on this?

    1. Hi JD,

      We apologize you are getting that error message. Is your Android app updated to the latest version of Abra? I would also try restarting your phone, and then re open the app to try the exchange again. If you still are experiencing issues, please send us an email at Thanks!

  2. When you buy bitcoins and the bitcoin price went up after a while day or two, definitely the peso amt of my bitcoin will go up, am i correct? With that, i decided to withdraw some amt in my bitcoin wallet, does the number of bitcoin in my wallet decreases or will remain as it is.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      You are correct, when you purchase bitcoin, and the price goes up, you can sell the bitcoin for a higher equivalent price in PHP. Therefore, the number of bitcoins in your Abra wallet will decrease based on how many you sell, it will not stay the same.

  3. Kindly add more banks for easier transaction especially those major banks in the philippines like bdo, bpi and security bank.

    1. Hi Julie,

      We are actively looking for more banking partners in The Philippines. We will keep you posted on updates. Thanks!

  4. Are all Tambunting Pawnshops accepting payment for ABRA (ie Tambunting St Francis back of SM Megamall or Tambunting Annapolis)? If i pay via on-line, say BPI, will it really take 1-2days? Opportunity lost if i have to wait this long. Finally do you have a list of ABRA ATM in Pasig or QC area?

    1. Hi Ed:

      1) Most Tambunting locations are Abra Tellers. However, it’s always best to check in advance by calling the location you wish to visit.
      2) Adding funds via online bill pay does take 2-4 days, which is pretty standard. We currently support only one bank for adding funds to your Abra wallet, though this may change in the future:
      3) Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an “Abra ATM.”

  5. How do I fund my ABRA account using Western Union ? What details do I put on the peso deposit ? How do I know my ABRA account number ?

    Please advise ..


    1. Hi Jay,

      We operate in the Philippines. We have offices in both California (main) and Manila (remote). You can download the Abra app on either iOS or Android and invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum by funding through a linked bank account, an Abra Retail Teller like Tambunting, or an external BTC wallet.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I find it slightly confusing having to Buy BTC with fiat first before buying ETH. I think I had to do that. I can’t rennet exactly but I know last time I had a Difficult time converting for a while it to another while it on the Abra is change. Are you guys working on making that a more seamless transaction?

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