How Abra Works

Use Abra to sell your items faster in the Philippines

Since we’ve launched in the Philippines, we’ve heard from a lot of people who sell things on Facebook, Instagram, and OLX that they wish the payment process would be easier. Things like:

Sellers say:

– “It can take buyers up to several days to pay, if they pay at all. Meanwhile, I have to hold the item for them.”

– “Even when they send me a photo of the bank deposit slip, I need to check with my bank to ensure the funds have actually arrived into my account.”

– “My buyers want to pay with LBC, but going there is a hassle for me, so I “save up” my trips to make it worth my while, and that means the buyer can wait up to 10 days before I ship the goods.”

Buyers say:

– “If the seller uses a bank that’s different from my own, I have to first go to my bank to withdraw money, then go to the seller’s bank to deposit money. All in all it takes at least an hour out of my day.”

– “I make several purchases a week in my Lego group. Each time I buy something, it’s a new process all over again. I wish there were a way to streamline this.”

– “It takes so long to receive the items, and a lot of that has to do with the payment process. Sometimes I even miss out on things because the seller thinks I didn’t pay. I wish there were a way to speed things up.”

At Abra, we knew we could solve some of these problems. Buyers can fund their payments with cash at any Abra Teller location, or via select banks. Sellers can cash out at a Teller, or withdraw to their bank account without even needing to leave the house. Payments are smartphone-to-smartphone, and instant.

In case you’re not familiar with Abra, we’re a mobile payments application that works whether or not you have a bank account, and regardless of which mobile network you’re on. All you need is an Android-based or iOS smartphone.

Here’s how Abra can make things easier for buying and selling items on Facebook:

Imagine that Liz (that’s me) sells Legos through a Facebook group. Vijay (the buyer) then replies to my post on Tuesday lunchtime, telling me he wants to pay with Abra. He’ll then give me his mobile number and address for delivery.

I immediately send him a payment request (alternatively, I could give Vijay my number and he could send me the funds directly).

Request Payment
Select the “Request Payment” button
Add a note to your request
Enter the amount and a note in the description field.
Payment Request confirmation
Review the details, then send the request off.











Vijay receives a notification in Abra and approves the payment right away, which immediately sends 160 pesos into my Abra app.

Receive payment request
Vijay sees this request in his Abra app
Payment Approved
Liz gets notified that Vijay paid and that she now has the money in hand.











All of this happens within minutes! Since the money is now securely on my (Liz’s) phone, I’m able to dispatch the goods at the end of the day when I stop by the courier service. Vijay gets his Legos the next morning – not even 24 hours after he sent his first message! Happy buyer, happy seller.

How does Vijay (the buyer) get the money onto his phone?

Vijay can visit any Abra Teller nationwide – which currently includes almost every LBC location and a growing network of other partners – to exchange his paper pesos for digital pesos that sit in his Abra wallet.

How does Liz (the seller) get money off of my phone?

I can also visit a teller to exchange my digital cash for paper cash, or I can withdraw funds into my bank account, right within the app. No need to leave the house!

Will Liz (the seller) be able to keep track of all transactions?

Yes! I click on “Transaction History” to view all payments made to me.

Download Abra today to get started (currently available only in the Philippines):



If you’d like some help getting started, please send an email to support[at]goabra[dot]com