Try Sendah to send gifts back home to the Philippines!

Send flowers and gifts to the Philippines from the US

Do you live in the Philippines but have family abroad, especially in the United States? Tell them that not only can they use Abra to send money back home, but now they can even use Abra to send you a Jollibee Chicken Joy!

ASend the gift of Jollibee to family back homebra has partnered with Sendah (, an easy and convenient way for overseas family members to send gifts or load directly to loved ones in the Philippines. New, as of this month, Abra is available as a payment method on the Sendah website!

With Sendah, gift-givers can send load, pay bills, or gift everyone’s favorite Jollibee to a loved one. Have a birthday or any celebration coming up? A versatile SM Gift Certificate offers lots of choices and is delivered to the recipient for free! And of course, flowers are always appropriate for every occasion.

Check out Sendah today to browse the full selection of available gifts! Or share this post to send a hint to someone special 😉

Special promo! Now through July 31, Abra users can get a $10 credit on when they use Abra to purchase for the first time.*

[This article has been corrected to reflect the updated promo expiration date of July 31. Note that in order to send load or pay bills, users must first top up their Sendah wallet.]

* First time use only. $25 minimum purchase required. View promo mechanics. While this service is most suited for users sending gifts from the US, any Abra user worldwide may take advantage of the promotion. Please consult the Abra website for a full list of funding options available in each country.


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