What is Ethereum?

The world’s computer: An illustrated guide to Ethereum

In order to help celebrate our recent announcement about the addition of Ethereum native support to the Abra app (which means direct deposits and withdrawals of ether to and from an Abra wallet are now possible), we produced another in our ongoing series of graphic illustrator explainers.

In “The world’s computer: Ethereum and the reinvented internet,” we take a look at what Ethereum is, why it was created, and what sorts of applications people are developing on the platform.

Be sure to check out the first part of the series, “When code meets money: The match that made Bitcoin,” which was produced in partnership with Unbankd in celebration of the Bitcoin network’s 10-year anniversary.

At Abra, we believe that the technology driving cryptocurrencies has enormous potential to create positive disruptions in traditional finance, and ultimately lead to outcomes fostering greater global financial access and equality.

But before those outcomes can be realized, mainstream crypto adoption has to happen. Part of that adoption rests on increasing crypto literacy for everyone. To that end, we present: “The world’s computer: Ethereum and the reinvented internet.”