Swaps added to Abra’s Web Platform

If you can’t get enough alt coins in your life, we’ve partnered with Changelly to allow you to swap crypto on Swaps are an easy way you can exchange crypto tokens without having to worry about trading pairs. In a traditional exchange, if you wanted to convert one crypto to another, you might have to trade to Tether and then process a second trade to get the coin you want. Swaps will do the lifting for you aggregating the best rates across multiple exchanges to get you the coin you want.

How can you swap crypto with this tool?

The web exchange provides real-time quotes based on the trading pair you specify. Follow these instructions to initiate a swap.

  1. Go to our Swaps page. Input the coin you wish to deposit and the amount you wish to trade.
  2. Select the coin you want to trade for
  3. Click the Exchange button
  4. Enter your email and recipient address
  5. Agree with Terms of Use, Privacy policy and acknowledge potential triggers of AML/KYC.
  6. Click ‘Next Step’
  7. Review all of your transaction details on Checkout. If everything looks good, click ‘Confirm & Make Payment’.
  8. You will see a screen with a QR code that shows how much you need to send and the source currency. Deposit exactly that amount to the address provided in less than 36 hours. Be sure to save your transaction ID. You can withdraw from your Abra wallet to initiate the swap but be sure that the token you are swapping to is compatible with the wallet you are sending to.swap crypto with Changelly
  9. Once you send funds, expect the swap to take between 5-30 minutes. You will then see your swapped currency appear in the wallet with the destination address you provided.

Is there a cost to doing a swap?

There are two fees included in your final quote. There is an exchange fee and a network fee. The fees are calculated based on the currency you are converting to. The exchange fee is included in the amount in your final quote. The network fee is subtracted from the final amount.

What coins are available?

This integration supports over 200 tokens including some that are not available in the Abra app. You can see a full list of available tokens on their platform.

Can you use the web exchange with an Abra wallet?

Absolutely! But there are a couple considerations before you process a swap. Abra’s app only supports specific types of tokens. You can withdraw from your Abra wallet to process an exchange but do not deposit a token that is not supported. You can find a comprehensive list of supported tokens here. That said, if you are trading existing assets on Abra’s trade platform, it’s best to conduct that through the app directly as there is no benefit to using this exchange.

I want to buy a coin that’s not on Abra. What wallet should I use?

Metamask is a great non-custodial wallet for holding coins from various networks. They have a browser plugin and mobile app. This is a non-custodial wallet. While it is secure, just know that there is no recourse for lost assets or pass phrases. Keep your pass phrase securely stored. If you want to be sure this wallet will work on your transaction, doing a smaller test transaction is a good way to ensure you don’t have issues with a larger token purchase.

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