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New Abra affiliate program

How to become an Abra affiliate

Calling all crypto content producers — we just launched an Abra affiliate program and it might be a great fit for you and your work.

It’s a pretty straightforward program: You will refer your readers/viewers/listeners to Abra. If those users wind up purchasing bitcoin through Abra website or if they invest in any of the 28 cryptocurrencies on the Abra app, then we share up to 50 percent of our revenue with you.

How does the Abra affiliate program work?

The Abra affiliate program is super simple to implement, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Simply create custom links or widgets for your website, app, or social media profile. Information specific to your Abra affiliate account will be embedded in the custom url you are given, so any time a reader, viewer, or follower clicks on that link and ends up making a transaction, your affiliate account is credited.

You can generate profits from your referrals in two ways.

The first way to generate revenue through the Abra affiliate program is referring your viewers, readers, or followers purchase bitcoin through our website. When they click on the link generated by the Abra affiliate program you will earn 50 percent of the transaction fees.

The second way to earn affiliate income through Abra happens when the person you refer starts using our app. If your referral results in a new user investing in any of the cryptocurrencies that we support (currently at 28, but that number will continue to grow in the future), then you will earn an affiliate fee of 25 percent of our revenue from that user for three months.

OK, you had me at Abra affiliate, now what?

The quickest way to get started is to visit this Abra affiliate page. It has all the necessary details of the program. You will need to submit your email and some basic details about your business and someone from our team will be in touch in 3-5 business days.

Once you are approved as an Abra affiliate, you will be given your unique url and instructions on how to get customized links and widgets.

We hope that you will agree that the Abra affiliate program is a great way to monetize traffic on your cryptocurrency-related website, blog, video channel, or podcast.

Alright. Time to get signed up. We are looking forward to working with you.

Daniel McGlynn