Get Ready to Make Money With Abra

Abra’s referral program just got bigger and better. We’re expanding our program so you can invite everyone to download the Abra app and start earning free CPRX. With the new “Make Money with Abra” program, you will receive high-quality, vinyl stickers with a customized QR code that will refer people to Abra and possibly score crypto for you and the referral.

Spread the Love and Earn CPRX

Starting today, you can submit your Abra referral code on Abra.com/sticker, and we will create high-quality, custom stickers with your personal referral code embedded as a QR code.  You’ll receive the stickers in the mail, and once they arrive, you can place them at any location you choose.*  In fact, you will get paid $25 in CPRX when a new user completes the following steps:

  • Downloads the Abra app
  • Verifies their identity, known as KYC
  • Deposits $15 in their account
  • Holds the $15 in their account for one week

Every new user that scans the QR code and completes all the steps above will earn $40 in CPRX.

Stick to Creativity

Be creative and think of where people would love to get some free crypto. Have fun with it! Go outside the norm, explore new places and ideas. Be rewarded for your creativity! Here are some suggestions for where you can place your stickers:

  • Community message boards
  • A local coffee shop
  • At crypto meetups

Take a picture of where you’ve placed your sticker and share them on your Twitter account. We’ll choose the best picture and retweet, and if we retweet yours you could earn extra CPRX!

Everybody Wins With Abra!

For our new users, Abra rewards you for taking actions in the app. Users receive rewards for trading, holding, and borrowing crypto. Our vision is an open, global financial system that’s easily accessible to anyone.

With Abra, you’ll learn and earn with ease. Stick around because this will not be our last rewards program at Abra. We’ll always bring new, exciting ways to help you make the most of your crypto investing goals and help you learn more about cryptocurrency. Make money with Abra now, and help people earn some free crypto too! Go to Abra.com/sticker and get your free stickers today. Additional Terms:

  • Abra users must be in good standing to participate.
  • Abra reserves the right to end this program at any time.
  • The Abra user who refers a new user with the program is called the “referrer.” The person who is referred is the “recipient.”
  • All recipients must be qualified users in order to participate. Qualified users are defined as: being in the United States and being a new user to Abra.
  • The referrer will receive $25 in CPRX once the recipient verifies his / her identity and funds their account with $15 and maintains a minimum $15 balance for 7 days.
  • This program is limited to U.S. residents.
  • Abra reserves the right to withhold any stickers or CPRX rewards related to this program for any reason at its sole discretion.
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