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Join the team that was named Best Overall Startup at the 2015 Launch Festival! We’re a small company, growing fast. We currently have two open positions available. If you’re interested in either one, please send your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and a few sentences about why you’re interested to jobs[at]

* Edit October 15: These two positions have been filled. 

iOS Lead

Abra is looking for a Lead iOS Engineer to build a world class mobile wallet that safely stores digital cash on the phone.  The Abra platform enables easy peer-to-peer money transfers between anyone with a smart phone, all around the world.  You should have experience building and architecting iOS applications that are easy to maintain and extend with a high level of reliability. 

Dev Ops

Abra is looking for a Dev Ops Engineer to help us automate and run our production system.  If building a system for production updates with no downtime sounds like fun or adding infrastructure to ensure our Ruby backend is highly available, this might be the right challenge for you.  We’re looking for a driven individual who can help identify and implement the necessary tools for a production system that runs like clockwork in the cloud.  Experience with continuous integration systems, deployment and provisioning systems in cloud environments and production monitoring tools is valuable.

2 thoughts on “Work at Abra!

  1. I heard about ABRA from my brother and started reading the product, and I just fell in love with it. I am turning 9 on the financial industry, and I personally use Xoom, Western Union, VENMO, etc to send or receive money so your product is close to my heart.

    I migrated to the US from the Philippines in 2001, and is always intrigue on how to bridge the gap for money remittance or sending a balikbayan box (aka care package) somewhere else. Your product hit the spot, and perhaps there’s an opportunity to do something similar for care packages.

    I understand you need developers right now (I still remember cobol, does that qualify? :-)), but I would love to work with ABRA in the future. Please keep me in mind.


  2. I spent most of my career in IT programming on IBM 370’s, then progressing through mini’s (IBM Series 1, and DEC PDP 11’s to PC’s). Later I was an independent consultant specializing in networking (I hold a Master’s Degrees in Computer Science with a networking specialty) and related disciplines included Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and was a representative on the EDIFACT UN committee. I started on Crypto about 2010 trading bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum. I also owned and operated a small grocery store.

    With this background, I believe I can help Abra in management, systems design and other disciplines. I’m currently living in Scottsdale AZ and am able to travel however, I am not able to re-locate. I can work on a contract or part-time basis or on a full-time basis if I’m not required to relocate.

    Thank You

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