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Can you catch the DOGE on the way to the moon?

buy Doge with a credit card

DOGE, the controversial meme coin is turning heads and minting millionaires all over the world. Today we’ll get you versed on the DOGE phenomenon and explain how you can buy DOGE with a credit card.

What is DOGE coin?

DOGE is a crypto currency traded globally now ranking #4 in market cap. The coin’s initial inception was brought about as a joke, but after surpassing the $80 billion market cap, this is no longer a laughing matter. Endorsed by celebrities like Elon Musk, this puppy has ignited full take off. Sometimes you look at a chart that is in the shape of a hockey stick and think WOW; Then you look at DOGE which has formed a hard right angle to the promised land. Lots and lots of WOW. It’s suggested that $30 billion would cure world hunger for a year, and yet here we are with a digital asset exceeding the GDP of several countries. What a time to be alive.

Why is everyone going crazy about this coin?

Some investors in crypto hate the DOGE. They believe it paints a very satiric light on all of crypto. Others think that it is great for the markets because it introduces a broader audience to alt coins. The Reddit community refers to themselves as Shebas with the proclamation that 1 DOGE = 1 DOGE as though it is the ultimate future currency of the universe. It has been cool to see some people within the community putting their capital gains towards charitable causes. One thing is for sure; The meme game of DOGE media is second to none. The phenomenon is happening at the apex of retail investing and social media. Lots of WOW going on.


How can I buy DOGE? Can I buy DOGE with a credit card?

If you are looking to buy DOGE with a credit card, you can get it on Abra’s marketplace through Moonpay. You will need a digital wallet to hold your coins which Abra provides free of charge. For detailed instructions on how to buy DOGE with a credit card, you can reference this article. You can also transfer cash into your Abra wallet and purchase DOGE for the most competitive market rate.

What’s going on with the price action now? Will DOGE hit $1?

It has done nothing but go up and to the right for the past month. The community is very focused on the $1 milestone. Nobody thought it was possible, and yet here we are staring at that price target. For this to happen, we’ll need to see about $50 billion more in cash inflows. One thing is for sure, the Sheba’s feel like it is inevitable. Then what?

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