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Building a crypto investing platform in 2019

In a quick Crypto Bite episode, Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt talks about building a crypto investment portfolio in 2019:

“As we start the new year, we all like to create our own resolutions. And one of the things that people think about, of course, are personal finances — how should I manage my personal finances, and what should I invest in?

“I think that looking at the cryptocurrency opportunity as part of an overall, balanced, personal investment strategy is something that everyone should be doing now. The prices for crypto have come down significantly in the last 10 months and this is a really good time to be looking at how can I take three, four, five percent, maybe, of my investment assets and put them into cryptocurrencies to potentially create huge long-term upside.

“We really encourage people to think about this in a very responsible way, but at the same time, the upside potential here of taking that three, four, five percent is enormous. That’s something that I personally have done and I would invite all of to think about as well.

“We have also published a report on our blog a few weeks ago, that says over the last several years there is definitely proven tremendous upside potential in taking a longer-term view on cryptocurrency investing and we invite you to read that and make an informed decision for your own investing strategy.”

— Bill Barhydt, Abra founder and CEO