Abra Unveils Its New Look — An Evolution that Reflects the Crypto Revolution

At Abra, we want to help you conquer crypto by creating a simple and honest platform that will enable you and millions of crypto holders to maximize the potential of digital assets, and our look and feel play a big part in that mission. 

Today, in keeping with that duty, we’re pleased to unveil our new branding that reflects the evolution of Abra’s platform, products, and services. 

But most of all, our new look reflects how we want to best serve you — our user.

Read on to learn more about Abra’s new look. 

Evolving Crypto  

As we said before, the inspiration for our rebrand is you, the Abra customer. We put our users at the center of the rebrand by offering the best experience of any crypto platform on the market. And, we hope that our new visual identity will inspire you to invest in your financial future.

Right now, you’ll see that the app experience has improved, is even more intuitive, and reflects our new, vibrant brand colors, as well as our new logo. Our logo also represents our goal to empower users from over 100 countries worldwide to take control of their financial future.

Ultimately, we want to help you take advantage of the opportunities that cryptocurrency can yield. We’re not talking about going to the moon or buying Lambos; we’re talking about building long-term wealth.

Cryptocurrency can be a powerful tool that, with proper guidance, can lead to life-changing outcomes. This is the opportunity that we at Abra know crypto to be. 

Together, we can meet this opportunity head-on with knowledge, confidence, and preparation. 

And, Abra can continue to be that trusted and comprehensive, easy-to-use crypto platform that can help you unlock the positive impact of investing in digital assets.

A Crypto Wealth Management Platform that Empowers Financial Access

Abra’s vision is a global movement towards a decentralized financial system powered by cryptocurrency. This movement will align both shared community and personal agency to enable global access to everyone. Crypto and its underlying architecture decrease dependency on large monolithic financial institutions. 

Abra is on a mission to provide a comprehensive, easy, and secure wealth management platform that can help people globally to embrace and utilize all of the benefits of crypto. 

Abra Trade allows users to buy, sell, and trade over 110+ cryptocurrencies in our simple and secure app. 

Abra Earn enables users to earn yield on their crypto assets such as stablecoins, BTC, and ETH. 

Abra Borrow makes loans available with competitive interest rates starting at 0% interest.

We’re constantly building new products that enhance our users’ ability to maximize the benefits of crypto through our platform.

Get Access to Abra’s New Look

If you manage a website that features the old Abra logo, we ask you to update it to the new logo. Download the new logo pack here.

Update the Abra app to the latest version (Android, iOS) to see the new brand in action. 

Opportunity is knocking. We know you’re ready to answer. Let’s conquer crypto together.

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