[Notice]: Scheduled Maintenance: September 23rd, 2020

Abra app will be offline for a few hours on Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020 for scheduled maintenance. What can Abra customers expect during the  scheduled maintenance?    The downtime for the Abra app will start from Wed, Sep 23rd at 1:00 pm PDT and may last until 5:00 pm PDT  All customer assets would remain secure during the downtime.  Deposits, Withdrawals, Trading, and Transfers to/from Abra Interest Account would be disabled during this time. Deposits and Withdrawals already in progress will be delayed until maintenance is complete.  Customers will

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Introducing 18 new cryptocurrencies in the Abra app

In 2016, Ethereum launched. It was a platform that made it easy for developers to build decentralized applications. This ushered in a boom of new crypto companies and projects.

As the crypto economy is gaining momentum, we are seeing a huge rise in consumer demand for new and interesting crypto projects. We are constantly working on creating the simplest way for our customers to invest in such crypto assets. Today, we are really excited to announce the addition of 18 new cryptocurrencies in the Abra app. Please update your app to the latest version to start trading in these additional cryptocurrencies. The new assets that have been added to in the Abra app are:

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Now Earn up to 9% on Crypto and US Dollar Stablecoin Deposits

Earn interest on cryptocurrencies

At Abra, we believe cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Money that is not bound by the whims of any government or bound by borders but fully embraces the Internet.  Money that represents an opportunity for everyone, anywhere in the world to have a shot at their own financial freedom.  Today, tens of millions of people already believe in this crypto revolution ignited by Bitcoin, so much so that they hold hundreds of billions of dollars in aggregate of their financial net worth in cryptocurrencies

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Funding with Amex cards will no longer be available starting 7/24

Tron price

Starting July 24, 2020 Abra will no longer offer “American Express” as a funding option. Abra users may continue to fund their Abra wallet using Visa/Mastercard, bank wire, ACH, or crypto. In recent months, Abra has seen explosive growth in users using Visa and MasterCard as account funding options which have very high deposit limits of up to $20k per deposit. As a result, we are encouraging all users to use those cards to facilitate crypto purchases and deposits via the Abra app or via

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Abra is moving to a hosted model

We’ve been making changes under the hood to bring new features and cryptocurrencies to the Abra app – like faster transactions and more than 60 new cryptos.   Over the next few weeks, Abra will be transitioning all assets available in the Abra App to a hosted environment provided by a qualified custodian.  Most crypto assets available on Abra are already hosted, but now we will also include previously non-custodial assets BTC, LTC, BCH and ETH.   The hosted model allows us to enable new and exciting

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