Hello IPO

How to buy an IPO

At one point or another, every investor has wondered how to buy an IPO. IPOs are the media darlings of the investing world, which sometimes makes the whole run-up to a company’s IPO, or initial public offering, confusing and circus-like. Magazine articles are written about the company’s origins and founding story, and bloggers combing through the massive disclosures released about the company’s inner workings, and speculation runs wild — all fueled by headlines heralding high valuations. Meanwhile, everyone is left wondering which way the price

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Welcoming Money 3.0

Introducing the Abra Money 3.0 Show

Big announcement out of Abra HQ today. We are launching a podcast! We’re pleased to introduce our new podcast series — Abra Money 3.0, your guide to the future of all things money. The way money works — everything from the technology behind money to the way people are using it — is changing. This new podcast series will take a deeper dive into this evolution and how it is impacting finance, investing, and access to global markets. Learn how Money 3.0 works and how

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What is fractional investing and why does it matter?

This is an image of a stock chart. This post talks about the concept of fractional investing or fractional share investing

Simply put, fractional investing — sometimes called fractional share investing — means that investors can buy pieces of an asset (this applies to cryptoassets as well as traditional assets such as stocks and ETFs) rather than having to buy the entire asset all at once. Take bitcoin for example. Say the value of bitcoin is $10,000, but an investor only has $100 on hand to invest. By using fractionalized investing tactics, the investor doesn’t have to sit out and wait the months or years that

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Announcing an Abra AMA

This image says Reddit Abra AMA

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out the upcoming Abra AMA. We’ve been busy over the past several months launching new features and products in the Abra app. We’ve been getting great feedback — along with some questions — from Abra users all over the world! We think now would be a great time to host a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session. We’ve done this in the past and it was a fun way to interact, better learn how people are using Abra, and

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Changes coming to the Abra app

TrueUSD is coming to Abra

We are excited to announce that we are adding the TrustToken’s TrueUSD to Abra app! Here’s the TL;DR about Abra’s implementation of TrueUSD: What is TrueUSD? TrueUSD is a stablecoin and provides a great on- and off- ramp between the banking system and the cryptocurrency system. When will TrueUSD be available in Abra? TrueUSD will be available as a withdrawal option for US Abra users in the coming weeks. Abra’s TrueUSD will always be maintained at a 1:1 peg with the US dollar. Why Abra

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