Abra new listings: MATIC, LRC, REN

MATIC, LRC, REN Now Available In Abra App

The Abra team is always looking to add new coins and we’re thrilled to announce you can now use Abra to buy, sell and trade Polygon (MATIC), Loopring (LRC) and Ren (REN). Simply download and open your Abra app, click on Trade, and type in the coin name to start buying. If you don’t see it in your app, please update to the latest version.

What is Polygon (MATIC)?

Polygon, formerly known as MATIC Network, is built as a layer 2 protocol that allows developers to scale and build infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. With Ethereum’s scaling issues tied to robust security and decentralization, Polygon has emerged as an alternative for many blockchain projects that want the best experience on the Ethereum blockchain network.

You can learn more about Polygon on its website and you can follow it on Twitter @0xPolygon.

What is Loopring (LRC)?

Loopring is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling protocol. It aims to provide higher throughput and lower costs while providing strong security. Its mission is to “design and engineer the best-in-class zkRollup exchange and payment protocol on Ethereum, and to operate products that bring it to users across the world.”

You can learn more about Loopring on its website and you can follow it on Twitter @Loopringorg.

What is Ren (REN)?

Ren is an open protocol that aims to provide liquidity and interoperability between different blockchain platforms. It offers a virtual machine mainnet, RenVM, which effectively brings operability to decentralized finance apps. In theory, this could make it easier to brings assets like Bitcoin to DeFi apps.

You can learn more about Ren on its website and you can follow it on Twitter @Renprotocol.

How to request new coins in Abra

The Abra app offers over 100 cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and trade … but we’re always eager to offer more. We prioritize the coins based on customer demand, so let us know what coins you’d like. An easy way to do this is:

  • Open the Abra app
  • In Abra Trade, tap on the “Add” button in the top right
  • Type in the coin name you want
  • Tap on “I can’t find what I’m looking for”
  • Type in the coin you want
  • Tap on “Submit request” and you’re done.

Note: Abra does not offer financial advice and this is not an endorsement for any investment. Please do your own research before investing.

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