Abra Borrow

Abra 0% Interest Loans Now Live

Abra is now offering 0% interest loans through Abra Borrow. You can get cash to pay off your credit card, go on vacation or even to buy more crypto … all without having to sell your crypto.

You can borrow against Bitcoin and Ethereum at 0% interest for up to 10% Loan to Value (LTV). You can apply for the loan in the app and get a decision in minutes. Use the loan however you want: withdraw it to a bank account or buy more crypto.

“Offering 0% interest through Abra Borrow lets customers quickly access 10% of their holdings for free while still gaining the benefit of any upside price movement of those holdings. Nothing like this has ever been done before,” said Bill Barhydt Founder and CEO of Abra. “With more people owning crypto now than ever before, having tools to effectively manage and access gains are essential to a flourishing crypto ecosystem. Abra is fully committed to being a leader in this new and growing space.”

How to get your 0% interest loan

If you are new, you can download Abra and fund your wallet or you can buy some within the app. Simply go into the Abra app and tap on the Borrow button. You can fund your loan using your BTC or ETH balance.

One great thing about the Abra 0% interest loans is there are no employment checks or credit history checks. All you need is your crypto as collateral.

You can start borrowing almost instantly—the approval process takes minutes. Abra issues loans in U.S. dollar stablecoins and the app handles all loan origination processing.