Temporarily Lock in the Dollar Value of your Bitcoin

How to Hedge your Cryptocurrency Portfolio with Abra Do one of these scenarios apply to you? You’ve generated significant gains in bitcoin that you’d like to temporarily lock in You’ve been paid in bitcoin (via salary, ICO, or an online marketplace) and would like to lock in the USD value of your bitcoin You sense the market is falling and you’d like to temporarily move your bitcoin to USD You want to temporarily convert bitcoin to Dollars without a bank account and with no ID

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Portfolio View + No Fees on Currency Exchanges (Promotion Extended!)

(2/22/2018 Update: We have decided to extend this promotion indefinitely! There will be no fees on all currency exchanges until further notice.) We have some exciting news! We have redesigned our main app screen so that you can view your entire portfolio. From the home screen, you can now clearly see all your Abra holdings and how your overall portfolio is performing. Make sure you download the most recent version of our app to see the updates. In celebration of our new design, there will

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How to Explain Buying Bitcoin To Your Accountant

bitcoin taxes IRS

TJ Dragotta Filing your tax return correctly is not exactly fun, we know. To keep the pain to a minimum, use this article as a guide to discussing bitcoin with your accountant. By the way — if you take a do-it-yourself approach to taxes, this article will still point you in the right direction. Important Note: We cannot provide professional advice regarding your specific tax situation. If you are unsure about your obligations, we recommend seeking expert advice. This article provides general information about bitcoin

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