Free Bank to Bank Transfers: Send money to and from your own bank accounts in USA and Philippines

Abra has created a simple product that provides a perfect solution for self-send money transfers. Whether you are moving money from USA to Philippines or from Philippines to USA, Abra has a brilliant solution. Let’s say that you’re an overseas Filipino living or residing in the United States. It’s common that you have a need to send money back to the Philippines. Most remittance companies are set up for sending money to another person or a named beneficiary — like sending money to friend or […]

Abra + Codapay: Giving Gamers a Better Experience

Abra has partnered with Codapay to give its users a more convenient, better-value way to pay for Steam wallet codes and more. Why use Abra as your preferred way to pay on Codashop? 1. For a limited time, you can get Steam wallet codes at face value! Starting October 21 and for a limited time, you can purchase Steam wallet codes on Codashop at face value. That means if you purchase a code worth PHP500, you pay only PHP500. The promotion runs until October 31 November […]