Abra Perx Rewards are Coming!

Get ready for the Airdrop. If you are buying crypto on the Abra marketplace, make sure you have the wallet.

We are rewarding our loyal customers with a massive token airdrop.

The Abra Perx Rewards Program Overview:

Abra users will have exclusive access to a new utility token, Crypto Perx (CPRX), created by the Crypto Banking Foundation (CBF)

The launch airdrop will be proportional to each user’s unique usage of Abra. It is expected that a limited supply of CPRX

By holding the CPRX token in their accounts, Abra customers will be able to expand the advantages of Abra’s fast-growing wealth management platform. Beginning on [date], the Abra Perx program will provide customers with:


  •   Cash back on all Abra Trade™️ transactions,
  •   Bonus yield for all Abra Earn™️ funds,
  •   Negative loan interest for any Abra Borrow™️ loan,
  •   An ignition reward for new users who fund their account, and
  •   Referral rewards for inviting friends who fund their accounts






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