2.5% cash back on every trade.

We pay you CPRX to make trades. There is no better place to trade.

5% bonus yield on Earn accounts

Earn interest on held crypto in-kind and get bonus APY in CPRX.

Get paid 5% APY to hold a loan

Any outstanding loan (even our 0% APY loan!) is rewarded with CPRX.

Get $25 for every referral

Your friends also get $25 for funding.

Introducing Abra Perx Rewards

What Is the Abra Perx Rewards Program?

Abra Perx is Abra’s way of rewarding our users with huge boosts to interest rates, cash back for trading, and negative interest on loans.

Limited Time Promotion

From now until January 14, we are offering all users unprecedented rewards for using Abra. Everyone will earn the maximum in rewards tokens. It’s our way of thanking our users. Rewards will be paid out in the CPRX token and can be held to qualify for loyalty tiers or traded like any other crypto asset on Abra.

Abra Trade™ 2.5% Cash back on all Abra Trade™ transactions
Abra Earn™ 5% Bonus interest on all Abra Earn™
Abra Borrow™ -5% Loan interest on all Abra Borrow™ loans

How Does Abra Perx Rewards Work?

The rewards will be paid out in CPRX, a non-proprietary ERC-20 token, that powers Abra Perx Rewards.

Abra Earn™

The current rate for TUSD is 9%. You will be paid out 9% interest in TUSD plus an additional 5% in CPRX. That is a total payout of 14% interest.

Abra Borrow™

Our best rate is 0% interest at a 10-1 loan to value. A $1,000 loan against $10,000 in BTC would net you a cool $5 worth of CPRX.

Abra Trade™

Any trade will get 2.5% cash back. If you traded $1,000, you’d get $2.50 in CPRX tokens.

Loyalty Tiers After January 15

Starting January 15, each user’s loyalty tier will determine their reward rates. As users hold more CPRX, they qualify for more rewards. Abra will continuously monitor market conditions to ensure the loyalty tier system is in alignment with user expectations.

For more information, download the white paper here.

Loyalty Tier CPRX Held Trade Cash Back Bonus Interest Negative Loan Interest
Baseline 0.10% 1.00% -0.40%


20 0.11% 1.10% -0.44%


200 0.125% 1.25% -0.50%


500 0.15% 1.50% -0.60%


5,000 0.20% 2.00% -0.80%


50,000 0.50% 5.00% -2.00%


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Abra Borrow is a new lending program that lets you take out a loan using your Bitcoin or Ethereum holdings as collateral. The interest rate on the loan is calculated based on the loan-to-value ratio (the more collateral, the lower the interest rate) and on the loan term (the shorter the loan, the lower the interest rate). Abra Borrow is rolling out across select areas, with more on the way soon.

Getting started with an Abra Borrow loan only takes a few steps. If you are an existing Abra user, then you can fund the loan using your BTC or ETH balance. If you are new to Abra, just set up and fund your wallet with BTC or ETH (or buy some through the app) and then set up the loan. There are no employment checks or credit history checks when opening an Abra Borrow loan. All you need is the collateral.

Initially, Abra Borrow will use Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral. Loans are issued in US dollar stablecoins — all loan origination processing is handled right in the app.

Interest rates are fixed for the life of the loan and are calculated based on how much crypto collateral you apply to the loan and for how long you decide

You can borrow up to $500,000 (the exact amount will vary depending on location).

Learn more by checking out our support FAQs or by contacting us at [email protected]

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